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Self Serve Platform for Advertisers- Self Advertiser Review

Being an advertiser we do expect that our ad network to be simple, flexible, reliable, and provide us with most targeted traffic (viewers & readers) to our ad campaign in order to get data-drive Return On Investment. First of all the question arise- What is the self advertiser? Well, as the name suggest Self Advertiser provide a platform where you can create your ad campaign and boost up the audience to your site. As we already know that how important is traffic for our site and blog. Without traffic, no website and blog will survive for long. Traffic is must! So self-advertiser provide a great opportunity to create your own ads and earn more. You have to do only, just create your ads campaign and sit back then watch the rush of an audience to your site and blog. This is a review which is based on Self Advertiser, its features, advantages, policy and term and condition. I personally recommended to you all, that you have to try it once. Just go through with this post and

Best New Year Resolutions Every Blogger Should Follow in 2016

As soon as we reach towards year end or starting of New Year, we start planning about the resolutions of the new year. And this is not the first time we are doing this planning.  Many of us must be following new resolutions for every coming year. Every year end up with some bad things and good things, but we have to take it in a positive way.  This article is all about 10 New Year Resolutions Every Blogger Should Follow in 2016. The new year is come up with new things. If you are a blogger then you must take this resolution seriously. You have to give extra time to your blog and learn new and different stuff from every website. Below I have mentioned some resolution which is really interesting and you can learn something from that.  

Getting To Know The Google - Infographics

What is Google? How does it work? These are the main question which were asked nowadays. If you did not find any meaning then people say just Google it. Isn't it amazing. You can find anything on Google. In the year 2012, Google has spent more than $17 billion because they want other companies.Actually this was a HUGE investment but they made it effortlessly. Even they establish a great market and rule over entire global. Google play a vital role in the field of blogging . As we are bloggers, so we know the importance of Google. When bloggers write the articles and publish it on their sites and blog, the Google pages will tell us where our articles and posts stand on the search engine. To stand on Google first page is really very difficult. You have to study all the tactics of Google Ranking. Well, this infographic is all about What is Google and its history. You can check the infographic plus promote it on your social profiles links so that more and more people will k

Story of a Blogger [ Infographics ] - 2015

As we all know that blogging is a tough field. Every person not succeeded in this field. Blogging is a line in which every person taking the risk to gain the traffic. As we all know that how much the traffic is needed. In this infographic, you will see that how you can achieve the goals. You will know the story of a blogger. According to me in today's era, everyone wants a blog or a website where they can share their thoughts and ideas so that they become famous. Also, you can make money with the help of blogging. 95% persons started their blogging career just for the sake of money . If you are going through with this article or read out this infographic then you will see what is the life of a blogger. No doubt this is one of the best infographics explaining each minute detail in very smart way. So just go through with this article, and don't forgot to share it on your social networking sites. Keep commenting and support blogging !

SEO Powersuite Review: A Complete SEO Solution 2015

If you are a blogger then you must aware with SEO and its tools. A webmaster and a blogger will always look for the variety of techniques via they can boost u their site clients and readers. Here is the complete review of SEO Powersuite . You will check out some new tools related to SEO and it provides the best result for your blog and website. There are multiple features available like you can research your keywords. There are lots of different sites are available where you can check your website and blog performance also check the backlinks . You can check out and configure your competitor's website. It will track your website rank. Well, if we are talking about SEO PowerSuite , then let me clear about this, it is made up of four amazing software tools in one pack that, when put together, it provides the guaranteed leadership in search engines and new streams of visitors. You can check out all SEO tools one by one, and decide to invest in just one or two out of four for the

20 Best Effective Ways of Doing SEO [InfoGraphics]

As we know that everyone is looking for the best methods to optimize their sites for great SEO. Search Engine Optimization has changed the way of being online. If you created a new website and blog then it takes lots of time to come on Google pages . You have to write the articles using the eye-catching words. Make your website user-friendly. You have to write the articles which are unique and only a few sites written about it. Do not copy the paragraphs from other sites. Well, if we are talking about this infographic, then it includes the most effective ways of doing SEO in 2015. When a user set up their business , he or she doesnot understand the circumstances of the business, plus they do not have more customer. When you create a business or start a website, you don't have more traffic . Traffic is very important for any website. If you are setup a new business then there is always a lack of cutomers and you have to gain it by hook or by crook. Just have a look on this info

ZnetLive Review - Web Hosting Service Provider in India

Today, we are presenting an review on ZnetLive . As we all know that it is one of the best leading web hosting company which is started in 2002 . When ever we are talking about web hosting companies than ZnetLive is always come on top of the list. Whenever you are confused What is web hosting? Than just check out the ZnetLive website, you will understand each and everything about web hosting. So with the help of this review I would like present some wonderful views, its cons and pros, some of its advantages and disadvantages plus its cost pricing and so on. Actually the first question arrise- What is ZnetLive? What are its motive? What kind of services it provide? Weather it is reliable or not? Don't think too much, we are here to answer your all questions. Well, this review include all its history. It is one of the leading web hosting company in India. It is an Indian based company who ties their relationship with United States and Singapore and offers some servers in America

Taking Your Blog to a New Level - A Fight between Passion and Money

Are you confused between Blogging for money or Blogging for Passion? As we all know that blogging is a new passion which is rise among all the teenagers now a days. And this is a good thing. You can become a good blogger if you are following your dream with full of dedication. What a blog needs? Its simple, if you have a capability of writing articles like a freelancer and understand the terms used in blogging field. Than you can easily achieve what you want online. This post i have decided to write which includes all the relevant information regarding your blogging career and what you need to grow your blog .  You have to understand that blogging is not only about earning money , its about your passion. Passion is the most important factor that helps me move forward without thinking about money and any other distracting factor. You have to make your blog at number one. You have to work hard, if you want that your blog will grow day by day. In this article I would love to expres

Facebook Shortcut Keys and Facebook stickers List

Hey friends, today after a long time, I would like to present our ideas and ready to write an article on Facebook Shortcut Keys and Facebook stickers List. I am sure you will love this post. I know Facebook is one of the most wanted and popular social media site till now. Millions of users are using Facebook daily. I am also addicted towards Facebook and check my profile many times a day. I have written so many articles on Facebook, even you are surprised that you can make money with that. Check- How To Make Money With Facebook–Top 10 Ways . Today I would like to present an article in which all the emotions, stickers and shortcut keys are mentioned. These are the popular emotions and stickers which are widely used by millions of users.  Now a days more than 10000 million users are activated on Facebook. You can check which are widely used emotions and stickers are on Facebook . Here I also present the shortcuts for many emotions, you ca also tell this to your friends. Facebook

8 Best Alternatives Of Search Engine in 2015

Hello friends, Have you ever been taught which alternative is the best search engine? If not, than you are at right place. Today with the help of this post, i would like to mention some of the best alternatives of search engine . As we all know there are different types of searches engines are available, You can install any of it. These are best search engines which I am going to mention on my list. Have you ever been search for the best search engines, here I come with the excellent post which provide you the best search engines in 2015. There are different types of Google alternatives and many of these players offer a better search experience, depending upon your needs. Here are best alternatives to escape your reliance on Google for all things search. Just have a look, I am sure you will like this  Top 8 Best Alternatives Of Search Engine in 2015. If you liked this article, keep sharing it on you social profile links.

Top 5 Websites To Buy Tablet Accessories Online In India

Smart phones and tablets have become more than a style quotient. As now every other person carries a tablet, it has become a trend to decorate the handset to differentiate and fascinate. Although you can buy tablet accessories from any local store, but that would just provide you limited choices. Instead, buying tablet accessories online India can help you browse through massive selection of such accessories, and get the best value for money .

10 Popular Sites Where You Can Make Money Sharing Videos Online

As we all know that people can make money with the help of video sharing . Yes! you heard it right, you can easily make money via sharing videos on popular sites like YouTube, Dailymotion etc. In this post I would like to share how you can easily make money just by sharing the videos. There are lots of popular video sharing sites are available on web where you can send and share your videos and make money . Below I attached the list of popular sharing sites, you can choose any of the site and share your video. As of now, check the list and earn something. When we talking about videos, the first site comes to our mind is YouTube . We always think that we can see movies and listen to the songs. But now a days you can make money with that stuff. Making money on internet is not a big deal just you have to make some extra effort. When you upload your video, ads will be displayed alongside your videos, and the revenue earned from those ads is then shared with you. You have to just up

Best Practices to Start Your Online Career In 2015 [HOW TO]

Are you looking for-  Best Practices for Online Networking Best Practices for a Successful Job Search Best Job Search Websites 2015 Best Practices for Building Your Online Career Steps to Jump-Start Your Career As we know that after study, every person start focusing about their careers . And making plans about their future. But now you don't need to worry. With the help of this post, i would like to mention some attractive topics and career options which you can choose in your future. This article is all about What are the 4 Best Practices to Start Your Online Career in 2015? To choosing a career field is really difficult, you have to think whether it is good for you or not. In this i would like to display some topics and career field which you can think to chose in your coming future. If you are master in computers and knowing each and everything about computers than you have to think about these topics. These are all online based jobs. You have to become an extra ordin

Best 10 Blogs that Pay $100 for Each Guest Posts

If you are a professional blogger than this is the best post for you. As we all know that guest blogging is always latest in trends. Paid articles or guest blogging is an excellent way or a most popular way to start a freelance writing career because you’ll get paid lots of money while you build up a portfolio of work samples. This article is based on Best 10 Blogs that Pay $100 for Each Guest Posts. If you are getting accepted for a paid gig which is not as much easy. If you’ve faith in your writing skills, or you are passionate about writing than you can try them. Click on the links to directly visit their submission guidelines page. Once you submit or register yourself than you are able to write articles and submit the owner of the blogs and website. We all know that guest posting proved to be a great way to gain Backlink and Trust on, So Paid guest blogging is something to enjoy as well. This post is containing all the popular blogs and website that pays well, more than

Top 8 Websites To Buy Backlinks For Your Niche Site 2015

Hello readers, today I would like to share a beautiful post which is given by one of my friend. In this post I would like to present my ideas how to Buy Backlinks For Your Niche Site in 2015. As we all know that backlinks is one of the effective way to increase the blogs and website backlinks . People do blogging regularly but they don't know how to deal with other things, they always busy in their writing skills. But now don't need to worry any more. If you have an niche site but doesn't get an huge traffic and don't have more backlinks, not to worry, just go through with this post. And I sure you will enjoy the most. In this article I would like to share some interesting dofollow backlinks where you can register yourself and earn huge traffic and make your niche site ranking in Google pages . Their are total best 10 websites which provide amazing backlinks tactics. Backlinks are the most effective way to give a bright future to a website and blog , also w

How To Setup a Perfect Business Page on Facebook?

Tips To setting up a business page on Facebook without a personal account. How do I act as my business page? How To Setup a Perfect Business Page on Facebook? Tips To Create a Facebook Business Page Tips To Build Business on Facebook? As we know that a user or a business man can setup their business along with huge capital. But here we will tell you how to increase your market rates for your business. This article is all about How to Setup a Perfect Business Page on Facebook? Facebook is one of the best social networking and if you really want to spread your business online throughout the world than Facebook provide the best platform. You can easily setup your business online and promote all around. There are millions of users on Facebook , so if you are going to setup your business their than you will surely get success. Just you have to follow simple steps and start promoting your business online easily . AlsoSee-   How To Create A Facebook Fan Page For Your Blog

Top 5 Shopping And Entertainment Apps in India

In this mobile driven era, you don’t need a desktop anymore to indulge in shopping or entertain yourselves. You can take advantage of most of the facilities via your phone itself and also make the most of your time. On an average, most people spend more than 3 hours travelling every day to work. Chances are high that you are one of them! To utilize your time effectively or kill your boredom, here are 5 shopping and entertainment apps you must have, installed in your phone.

Top 10 Best Coupon Sites to save money on

Are you looking for :- Top 10 Best Coupon Sites to save money on Top 10 Coupon Sites: Save Money while Shopping Online The Best Online Coupon Services of 2015 10 Most Useful Coupon Sites to Save Money Online As we all know that how money is important for all of us. This article is basically based on how to save money and make the life easier and comfortable. Just go through with this post,  Top 10 Best Coupon Sites to save money in 2015 . If you like this article, keep share it on your social networking profiles, so that more and more people will know about this. As we know Internet makes our life interesting and easy. It saving money a snap by allowing you to compare prices and explore deals in your town and around the world. Rather than cutting out all your favorite extras, check out these top money-saving sites to learn how to get the most from your money. Just go through with this post, I hope you will enjoy it. To save money in today's life is really a difficult task

Best 50 Funny Facebook Status Update 2015

Hello friends, As we all know that Facebook is one of the No. 1 social media site. In this world, people are too much addicted towards Facebook . People always active to post something new like status, pictures, videos etc. If you are a Facebook lover person, than you must read this article. In this article we are here to present some famous and best funniest status for Facebook wall. You can check this best Facebook status and post it on your social site . These are the famous and the best funniest jokes and status which you gonna really publish on your wall. The primary source of any status and joke is the person has to smile and these all include full of happiness. As we know that Facebook is widely used in all over the world. People regular post so many status and give their presence in the social media field. You can update these status and also include your friends name using @ sign . You can get lots of comment if your friends like that jokes. And I am sure they will en

Top 50 Hilarious Whatsapp Status In Hindi 2015

If you are a Whatsapp addicted person than check out these Top 50 Hilarious Whatsapp Status In Hindi 2015 . As we all know that in today's world the most famous and worldwide used app is Whatsapp . It is one of the best application which is used through out the world. It is used to send messages, videos, pictures, text, songs, files and folders, for chatting etc. Here the 50+ most amazing, lovely and best hilarious whatsapp status are present which you can use on whatsapp . Just use these status and make your day enjoyable. These are the best whatsapp status which is also used in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc. You can put as a status on it.  Show your fun with these funny and latest Whatsapp status in 2015 . I usually update my blog with latest topics, so being a blogger, this article is fully based on whatsapp best status in hindi . Share these with your friends and family member, i am sure they will enjoy it. Today's generation are always ready


Today's with the help of this post I would like to mention some of the best WordPress themes of music 2015 . As we all know music lovers are present in all over the world. This article is basically belong to music lover category. There are so many wonderful sites are present on music like play music, Download music, music wallpaper etc. If you go through with these site, you will see that they adopt interesting themes so that more and more users will visit. Also see- Top 10 WordPress Premium Templates- 2014 The theme you choose for your blog and website is almost as important as your domain name or hosting, it will greatly affect the way your site looks, handling, feels, and functions. Luckily, if you ever decide to change a theme or template you can do so quite easily. In this post you can download some interesting themes, which you will use for your blog also. You can check the demo also, if you like it than you can download it. Some of them are free and some of them are pai

How To Increase/Boost Instagram Followers- FREE

As we already told that Traffic is most important for any blog. Traffic is the main survival of any blog or website. Just like that if you are a photo lover than you have to go through to this post. Instagram is If you haven’t joined Instagram just yet, you should consider giving it a shot. After all, aren’t you curious why the photo-sharing and video-sharing social networking service has accumulated 160 million users in just over three years? Does the fact that Instagram grew by 23% in 2015 sound appealing at all? Don’t you want one of your pictures to become one of the 16 billion images shared? Well, I know in today's world, everyone is loving to click an photo with their friends, relatives even when they are lonely. Selfie, is a word or a trend via everyone take the photo of their own and uploaded on various social networking sites. You can get a tons of likes if you are uploaded your pictures on Insta. It is a beautiful app where you can edit your picture easily and modif

Popular Quotes, Messages, Wishes, SMS, Poems and Wallpaper on Father's Day 2015

Happy Father's Day to my Dad!! As we all know that Father's day is coming, it is just on the way. So without wasting much a do, lets just go through with this post. I am going to present some motivational quotes, messages, wishes, SMS and wallpaper on the special occasion of fathers day . A s we all know that father's day is celebrate all over the world in the month of June. So this article make a cherry on the cake. You can use these quotes, messages, wallpaper, SMS, wishes and send it to your family and friends. Use these wallpaper and images and send it through whatsapp.  You can also upload on your social profiles. Father is like a strong pillar which support your family and make them strong and independent. Make this day special for every father, and feel them proud. Every father is the inspiration for their family. Once again Happy Fathers Day !!

Boost your Blog Traffic with Amazon Affiliate Program [HOW TO]

Hey friends, today we are coming with a bang, and here we are to present our ideas on how to increase, boost and monetize our blog/website traffic. As we all know that traffic is the source of any site or blog. Its the bloggers duty to monetize the blog traffic . In this article you will see how to get traffic with amazon affiliate marketing . If you interested in seeing how to get more and more traffic than you have to through to this post. As we all know that Amazon is the no.1 leading website where number of customer get register. It is just like the online retail marketing site. Now a days Amazon consider as the top most online shopping marketing store in the world. The CEO of Amazon affiliate marketing is Jeff Bezos . It is providing the wide range of products including electronic goods, books, mobile phones, home based devices, kindle devices and movies etc.

Making Money on the Internet [HOW TO]

Hey friends, today with the help of this article, I would like to present my ideas on How to make money on internet. Internet is an excellent way to make money within the comforts of your home. If you’re serious about earning on internet, you need to devote your time and efforts. You can’t get rich overnight. You need to wait for the income stream to develop from your website. There are many websites that offer you ways to make money. Here are some realistic ways of making money on the internet.

Check Your Work/ Article For Plagiarism To Make Sure You Are Not Being Copied - 2015

If you are a blogger than your article content is the backbone of your blog. An blogger or a webmaster is always look for a attractive and unique post. The article must be lengthy, attractive, eye catching words and headings. Just go through the Google pages and look around that nobody is written that post. Well if we go through with this post, than you see that how to check for a duplicate content. Most of the bloggers and writers put their content in the given box and click on the button, after the processing is over it will show the final results. This article is written on the basis of your work for Plagiarism to make sure you are not being copied in 2015.

Top Guest Blogging Sites to send Guest Post On

As we all know that blogging field is the most interesting field ever, even i am totally addicted towards it. So i am here to write an article on top and the best guest blogging sites to send guest post in 2015. Mostly bloggers will always look forward to new article and they search for the new sites where they upload and post their articles. There are many more websites are available where you can post your article and get a dofollow backlink in return. This article is mainly focus on which are the top most sites that accept guest posts. You can choose any of these websites and send your best article along with your brief description. Always choose high profile sites like those website who has an good alexa rank , pagerank and having lots of visitors daily. If you are succeed in publishing your post on these sites than you are getting huge visitors for your own blog. Plus you are getting popularity for your site also.  While many new bloggers write content and pray for others

Top 10 Useful Twitter Tools for Social Media and Marketing

Hey friends, Today with the help of this article I would like to mention some of the tips and tools of Twitter . As we all know that Twitter is one of the famous social networking site . Most of the users sign up there day. People follow up the other persons and share their new ideas and thoughts. You can also share your videos and photos etc. Its very hard to trust on any social management site with your Twitter account. Here you find the best and widely used Twitter tools in the field of social marketing and business. You can add these twitter tools , link up with your profile. These are trusted tools sometimes turn simple small business owners into keen social media marketers who learn and improve their Twitter strategies. Here you find some interesting twitter tools with their extra features. We will explain each of the twitter tools. Hope you like it.

Top 100 best whatsapp status update ideas 2015

This article is all about Top 100 best whatsapp status update ideas. As we all know that in today's world, people mostly use the internet just for the communication. Here we are update a article in which you find 100 best funny, romantic, emotional and mostly used Whatsapp Status in 2015. Whatspp is a application or a messenger where you can send everything like pictures, images, voice messages, videos, songs etc. Here is the best collection of messages which you can send to your friends, family, relatives etc. You can also check how to download whatsapp on your pc/desktop . You can also use Whatsapp Messenger on Windows using Bluestacks App player. Isn't it great!! Whatsapp is mostly used application where you can share your ideas and thoughts with your fellow ones. Use these status and messages and send it to your friends and make your day special and joyful.

Zeon - Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme - [REVIEW]

It is the best ecommerce website. It is powered by Tesla Framework. Zeon is a multipurpose theme. It is included in premium eCommerce WordPress theme. WooCommerce is the popular eCommerce toolkit for WordPress. WooCommerce is providing a platform where you can sell your products, place orders, customer inventory etc. This theme is best for blog, eShop, online store, eCommerce website. This is friendly and easy to access theme. Users can easily access its features. It is a advanced version and having a modified structure design. Zeon is compatible with WooCommece . WooCommece is the most popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress, which is used by many users. You can easily access its function without knowing any programming. Some of its main features which include custom posts, built-in short codes, custom widgets, social media networking, modified design sliders and transition or animation effects, special offer sections, shopping cart, user account/ control panel.

Zero - Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme - [REVIEW]

Zero is very famous theme in all over the word. Its attractive layout always catches the user’s attention. It is attractive, clean and elegant multipurpose WordPress theme which is released by Slick Tesla Themes this year. It is a powerful administrative tool where a user can access its features without any coding. It has a responsive, multipurpose and minimalistic design structure that draws the focus on the content of the website. It is basically designed for 3D design layout, business purpose, animation portfolio, font icons, blog, creative agency, menus and photography websites/ blog.