ZnetLive Review - Web Hosting Service Provider in India
Today, we are presenting an review on ZnetLive. As we all know that it is one of the best leading web hosting company which is started in 2002. When ever we are talking about web hosting companies than ZnetLive is always come on top of the list. Whenever you are confused What is web hosting? Than just check out the ZnetLive website, you will understand each and everything about web hosting. So with the help of this review I would like present some wonderful views, its cons and pros, some of its advantages and disadvantages plus its cost pricing and so on.

Actually the first question arrise- What is ZnetLive? What are its motive? What kind of services it provide? Weather it is reliable or not? Don't think too much, we are here to answer your all questions. Well, this review include all its history. It is one of the leading web hosting company in India. It is an Indian based company who ties their relationship with United States and Singapore and offers some servers in America and Singapore. Lets start with the introduction.

What is ZnetLive?

Well, as we already discuss ZnetLive is one of the best and leading web hosting site or company which is running successfully all over the India. ZNetLive provides great deals & discount. It have the latest and best Virtual Server (Linux Virtual Private Server and windows Virtual Private Server), Antivirus, Domain Registration, Reseller Hosting, Malware, Cloud Server (Enterprise Cloud Server), Rootkits Scanning Tools to prevent hacking attempts. Yes, if someone trying to hack your material and your important stuff, than also it provide some best material to you. It provide so many domain extension like Business Domains, Education Domains, Travel Domains, Organizations Domains, Technology Domains, Media Domains, Food Domains, Fashion Domains, Real Estate Domains

It has a secured server. You can trust on this site, even it provide some useful secured content. All the services and useful content it provide is very reliable, friendly, and according to customer compatibility

Some of their Benefits/ Features are

Server UpTime

It provide the server which is upgrade all over the time. It avoid the content based on hacking and cracking. ZnetLive servers are highly secured, they promise of providing 99.9% uptime using High Availability or Fail over environment. You can easily trust over this company.

Safety Measure

Yes! this site is very much trust-able. You can trust this company. It does not include any corrupt and unwanted material. You can register your domain with this company. It provide full reliability and trustworthy. It register your domain with full of secure tools. You have to give it one chance. I am sure you will enjoy its features.

Money Back Guarantee

ZnetLive has 45 days money back guarantee policy. This company has a record that if you are not enjoying its features than it pay you back your refundable money in 45 days. You can ask for a refund, if you are not satisfied with their services and they offer a 100% money-back till 45th Day. Isn't great.

Ease Of Use

Yes, it has an amazing feature that you can handle its content policy easily. It provide an feature of ease of use that means you can understood its content and its term and conditions. It is efficient and flexible in nature. If you are a newbie, than also you can understood its content and hosting policy. Even it launch also some other plans related to hosting.

Control Panel

Sometimes, an control panel is a zone which is mostly create an problem for the user but in ZnetLive it offers the control panel which is very easy to use powered by the well known and proven software, cPanel. When you are using the cPanel, you can easily access your email accounts, databases, applications, security and File Transfer Protocol.

You can easily understood its control panel policy. The users are able to accomplish their tasks faster and even non-professionals can set their websites easily. It uses a simple language which is easily understood by an blogger and a newbie user.

Technical Support And Help System

It has an amazing technical support system, ZnetLive provides you 24/7/365 support with a response time of 20 minutes. If you have any query or facing any problem than this company solve your every problem in a very short period of time. The technical team is very fast and very active. In case you having any suggestion than you can share with their team also. Their technical team is very much active and provide any kind of help to their users. They message to each and every query also they provide the best service to their customer. ZNetLive's has a dedicated support team.

Payment Option

There payment method is very much easy and you can easily understood its term and condition. It provides an array of secure payment options. You can easily purchase the products via online and offline, so that you can purchase your services with us at utmost convenience. Isn't it amazing. ZnetLive focus on their customer satisfaction.

If you are a newbie, than do not worry, there technical team will teach you how to use their products. And when it come to the payment option, you can use the following credit/debit cards and make the payment to the company through EBS gateway. This all are applicable to the Indian customers only.