Popular Sites Where You Can Make Money Sharing Videos Online
As we all know that people can make money with the help of video sharing. Yes! you heard it right, you can easily make money via sharing videos on popular sites like YouTube, Dailymotion etc. In this post I would like to share how you can easily make money just by sharing the videos. There are lots of popular video sharing sites are available on web where you can send and share your videos and make money. Below I attached the list of popular sharing sites, you can choose any of the site and share your video. As of now, check the list and earn something. When we talking about videos, the first site comes to our mind is YouTube. We always think that we can see movies and listen to the songs. But now a days you can make money with that stuff.
Making money on internet is not a big deal just you have to make some extra effort. When you upload your video, ads will be displayed alongside your videos, and the revenue earned from those ads is then shared with you.

You have to just upload the video on different sites and trying to make it popular. When your video become viral and become popular, than trying to boost the traffic. You can also share the videos on various social networking sites. More the traffic on your video will increase the amount in your account. Uploading videos is one of the greatest and easiest way for online money making. So without wasting the time, lets see the list and grab the knowledge on how to make money with video sharing in 2015.

Top 10 Sites To Make Money Sharing Videos Online In 2015

1. YouTube

One of the best video sharing site is YouTube. We all are very much aware with social networking website. There are million of users watching movies and listening the songs daily. Tons of visitors daily come on this website. People regularly watch and listening on this site.
You have to just signup to this site and edit your bio section, after that just create the video, it must be high quality. Than just post it into the site and keep share it and promote it on your social profiles links. So that more and more visitors will come unto your profile.
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2. Dailymotion

Dailymotion is one of the best site which comes in the second position. It is the largest site where thousands of videos are uploaded daily. Moreover huge visitors are regularly watched and listen to different stuff. There are more than 35,000,000 visitors per day.

3. Break

Break is one of the popular and used in the worldwide. People used this site and earn huge amount easily. The payment method via PayPal. You can get up-to $27, if your picture is placed in the gallery. So it is in #3 position according to my list. More than 20,000,000 visitors come on this website daily. Without wasting further time, just placed your video here and earn something.

4. Flixya

It is one of the oldest form of website where you can earn something big. You can earn the amount along with your Google AdSense. It is a eco - friendly website and its functionality service is also easy, you can easily operate it. Upload your high quality video and get paid.

5. MetaCafe

Metacafe is one of my personal favorite website especially when we talking about video sharing sites. You can earn upto $5 when your video gets 1000 views per video. The best thing about MetaCafe is that whenever you upload a new video, it will be displayed on their home page for a while, which means you can get a lot of views on it pretty quickly.

Popular Sites Where You Can Make Money Sharing Videos Online

6. ExpertVillage

When you want to earn money with uploading video, than how can we forget about ExpertVillage. It is one of the best and popular website. As the name suggests, it is an expert website to make money by sharing original videos. ExpertVillage have joined with eHow.com, one of the biggest how-to article and video resources. You have to just signup and follow the instruction.

7. Veoh.com

Veoh is one of the oldest video websites and its only available in some countries. There are more than 64,000,000 Unique visitors and reader for every month. If you really want to make money via video sharing sites, than this is the best site among all.

8. Revver

Revver are the powerful website which connects creators, viewers, and advertisers in a sponsorship marketplace for online video. You have to try and upload your videos on Revver and they display targeted AdSense ads next to your videos plus get 50% of the revenue generated by your videos. So just give it a chance and see what happen.

9. Myspace

This video site is owned by Myspace social bookmarking site. It is one of the best and popular site in the field of social media. There are more than 45,000,000 Unique visitors for every month.

10. Ziddu

Ziddu is a very user-friendly video sharing site. It pays based on the number of downloads. You will get paid by $10 for every 10000 unique downloads of your videos. You can also request a payment as soon as you have $10 in your account. The amount is paid via PayPal or Money Bookers.