Boost your Blog Traffic with Amazon Affiliate Program [HOW TO]
Hey friends, today we are coming with a bang, and here we are to present our ideas on how to increase, boost and monetize our blog/website traffic. As we all know that traffic is the source of any site or blog. Its the bloggers duty to monetize the blog traffic. In this article you will see how to get traffic with amazon affiliate marketing. If you interested in seeing how to get more and more traffic than you have to through to this post.

As we all know that Amazon is the no.1 leading website where number of customer get register. It is just like the online retail marketing site. Now a days Amazon consider as the top most online shopping marketing store in the world. The CEO of Amazon affiliate marketing is Jeff Bezos. It is providing the wide range of products including electronic goods, books, mobile phones, home based devices, kindle devices and movies etc.

It also charge discounts on many electronic devices and you can also get commission on that. All you have to do is to promote and advertise your products from the network using your affiliate link whenever someone purchases a product from the affiliate link you make an commission. Isn't it simple and easy. So what are you waiting for , hurry up! and get some traffic for your blog and website. There are also so many affilliate marketing websites such as Flipkart, OLX and Snapdeal etc, but when we talk about amazon, it is one of the best online shopping marketing site.

Review on Amazon Affiliate Program 

As we all know that Amazon is one of the best and most popular Indian and Worldwide e-commerce website that sells everything from low price books to expensive/highest price television/Mobile sets etc. With over over 84 million U.S. monthly people, It is considered as the No.1 spot for buying online store. affiliate program is exactly same as their U.S front but for Indian affiliates they are paying a good commission on every sale upto 10%. 

Review on Amazon Affiliate Program

Other than their marketplace, Amazon has quietly launched Associates, their popular affiliate program for bloggers and website owners in India. The CEO of Amazon is Jeff Bezos. It was founded in July 5, 1994 in Bellevue, Washington, United states. The headquarters is in Seattle, WA, United States of America. Amazon has very good Customer Support, it provide an 24*7 service support. You can contact with them at any time. The customer get satisfied with the helpline support. 

Make Money with Amazon Affiliates? How to?

There are some following steps which you need to follow and than you are ready to get money from amazon affiliate marketing program. Read it carefully and follow them -

First step- Go to

Second step- Sign-in with your existing Amazon account.

Third step- Fill in the form and they’ll manually approve your site with 24 hours.

Fourth step- You are given a unique tracking id. That you can use to refer visitors from your website to Amazon website. Just keep in mind that minimum payout is 2500 INR and payment will be made approximately 60 days after the end of each month etc. And when the visitor does purchase following your link, you get some percentage(%) commission for that effort.

Different programs where you can make money on Amazon Affiliate Program- 

1) Sell your products on Amazon.
2) Sell Your Services on Amazon
3) Sell electronic devices on Amazon Business
4) Sell Your Apps on Amazon
5) Advertise or Promote your Products
6) Self-Publish/ Promotion with Amazon
7) Become an Amazon Vendor

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