How to Make Money with Q&A WebsitesQ&A refers to question and answer. In our normal life every child having so many questions which is revolving in their minds, like we take an example of college students, they have so many doubts and question regarding their subjects and syllabus. Intelligent persons never leave their doubts questions unanswered they always find their solutions. Bloggers always mentioned in there articles that if any body having any doubts they can feel freely to ask. And we see that many people ask questions related to their content. There are so many websites which is related to Q&A. These are act like an forums where either you get your answers automatically or through the members of that sites.

Make Money with Q&A Websites

Finding a Q&A Platform

Finding a Q&A Platform
A platform is always important for making money. There are so many plenty of platforms are available on internet which having paid Q&A template. If you’re used to WordPress you might want to have your Q&A website running on the WordPress platform to be able to use plugins. You should keep your themes updated and should maintain them frequently.


Another video chat advice the great thing is that You can create tutorials, take a photo, and provide services even when you’re not online and be paid for it. Plus you earn 60% of what the person who you refer, spends in your Chat room. For every expert you refer you get $100. The pay is from $0.98 to $9.80 per minute.

Traffic- Key to Success

Every body knows that traffic is most important for any website. We can say that traffic is key to success. Imagine a website without traffic/audience, it cant be possible. You can attract your potential followers by using many methodologies like creating hype, advertising the reliability of your Q&A websites, etc. If an website having a huge volume of traffic then the website is becoming much popular day by day.

Just Answer

Questioning and answering are two interdependent things in everyone's life. With over 30 million user base, is a great place to get paid for what you know. Basically you answer questions that are priced from $6 to up to $26 or more. If the customer accepts your answer, then he/she will pay for it which will be deposited  to your just answer account and once you have reached the $20 threshold, you can cash out via PayPal.

Your Language

The most important thing while communication is our language. Likewise i live in India where different and so many languages are spoken. So meanwhile if you are communicating with your friends and relative you must speak your native language. But in the world of internet i prefer to speak only English. Its an language which is understandable to everyone. English is an worldwide language and if you are satisfied with me, so please use this language on question and answer website.

 Web answers

You answer questions and if your answer is chosen to be the awarded answers by the people who are asking the question, your answer will be posted and you will get a  percentage of the revenue generated by the Google AdSense, on the page that your answer is found.

Search an Q&A niche

Search an Q&A niche
If you plan to start a Q&A website, you need to choose some unsaturated niche. This is because , most general topics are already present on the highly rated forums. When selecting a niche to focus on you do not only lower the competition, but you also have the chance of creating a place on the Internet for everyone within that niche to go to with their questions.

  Monetize your website

The best way you can monetize your Q&A website is through Google AdSense, CPA and Infolinks. With Google AdSense you can place relevant Ads just below your questions. This will encourage people to click on the ads, bring lots of Money depending on which niche you’re in.
Infolinks is also a great way of making money with Q&A websites. A lot of people are “ad-blind” these days and will not click on your AdSense/CPA ads. Infolinks offers in-text advertising which will hyperlink your text on your website to advertisers. Infolinks works great with Q&A website in terms of making money.