Today's with the help of this post I would like to mention some of the best WordPress themes of music 2015. As we all know music lovers are present in all over the world. This article is basically belong to music lover category. There are so many wonderful sites are present on music like play music, Download music, music wallpaper etc. If you go through with these site, you will see that they adopt interesting themes so that more and more users will visit. Also see-
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The theme you choose for your blog and website is almost as important as your domain name or hosting, it will greatly affect the way your site looks, handling, feels, and functions. Luckily, if you ever decide to change a theme or template you can do so quite easily. In this post you can download some interesting themes, which you will use for your blog also. You can check the demo also, if you like it than you can download it. Some of them are free and some of them are paid. If your blog and website are based on music world than do not waste time just check the all and choose the best suitable theme for your blog and website in 2015.

My 8 Top Responsive WordPress Themes For Bands & Musicians 

1) Music

It is a beautiful theme which is created for musicians and for artists, managers and app developers in mind. This theme is ready for the music lovers. You can easily install it. Check the demo also. It include all the features and some of advanced. It enables the blog post, albums, videos, photos, images, pictures, galleries etc. You can change its color fonts and design as per the user requirements. It is a fully responsive theme which provide all function easily. It provide an drag and drop function where no hard coding is require. You can easily customize the background images and its size, fonts and colors. I am sure it gives your audience an excellent viewing experience.
Price: $49

2) Playyo


Some themes are really going to embarrass you in the face of your audience but this theme is not like that. I am sure you will going to love it. It is easily to install. It shove a big image in for a background, upload a track, and you’re pretty much done. So quick to grab its features, and so easy to install. It provide an easy path so that you can learn an extra features and make your blog and website looks professional. So what are you waiting for, get ready and just install it asap.

3) Nowell

It provide an classic slider and i am sure you will enjoy its features. Demo will clear out your all doubts. An music sites and songs sites are very much popular in all over the world. So its your duty to make your site and blog a representative site. This theme will provide an audiotheme framework. It also provide an video player. It also include an feature of gig listings and gig filtering.

4) Beat Heaven


Beat Heaven is an excellent WordPress theme for artists or event planners who want to compose a world-class music website. As the name suggests beat heaven beat all the other music themes in 2015. If you want to give an online preview look to your website than this theme is the theme. It provide an background color to the site and also provide an advanced features. It is a responsive theme and provide a retina ready look. This does not include any hard calculation and coding.
Price: $55

5) Tuned Balloon

Tuned Balloon has a beautiful, minimalist design that keeps the focus on the content. It provide an responsive and colorful site banners. It provide an sidebars and flexible layout that looks great. You can easily customize its options and its logos design. There are plugins for displaying video and supporting WooCommerce, so you can sell merchandise on your site and blog directly. There’s also a content form plugin so you can keep in touch with your visitors and audience.
Price: $45

6) Keronchong


Keronchong is a beautiful WordPress music theme ideal for bands and musicians alike. Your website can provide a one-stop shopping experience for your merchandise, music and event tickets with the WooCommerce support. Your audience and visitors can also listen to your songs, music. It provide an great advanced features which attracts the visitors. The sliders is located on the left and right side. There are several options are available, which you can easily adopt and handle. The slider makes the homepage looks attractive and give a professional touch. There are several other options for customization to personalize this theme or template to your site and blog preferences.
Price: $60.

7) Ironband

This theme include all the feature, facts and figures. It will grab all the tabular presentation. You will enjoy this template. Mostly musicians download this theme and make their blog and site looks professional. It provide some following features like-

  • It provide album discography page 
  • It enables the soundcloud integration
  • You can edit the photo album filters, so that an audience can see photos and pictures in a large way. 
  • Provide easy newsletter integration
  • You can add some videos and multiple video listing formats
  • An contact page will provide the contact info of the user. 
  • Smooth scrolling

8) Harmony


It is a clean, flexible and versatile WordPress music theme ideal for any band and musician. It include all the advanced features which is other site may not include. Harmony has the ability to play songs, handle your upcoming events, upload photo galleries and sell merchandise right on your site. It gives an professional look which attracts audience. The sidebars are included in the homepage which makes easier to handle its facts and figures. Its price is $70. You can easily install it without worrying about its coding. It is very much flexible in nature and you can easily grab its widget structure.
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All Done!!