Best 10 Blogs that Pay $100 for Each Guest Posts
If you are a professional blogger than this is the best post for you. As we all know that guest blogging is always latest in trends. Paid articles or guest blogging is an excellent way or a most popular way to start a freelance writing career because you’ll get paid lots of money while you build up a portfolio of work samples. This article is based on Best 10 Blogs that Pay $100 for Each Guest Posts. If you are getting accepted for a paid gig which is not as much easy. If you’ve faith in your writing skills, or you are passionate about writing than you can try them. Click on the links to directly visit their submission guidelines page. Once you submit or register yourself than you are able to write articles and submit the owner of the blogs and website.

We all know that guest posting proved to be a great way to gain Backlink and Trust on, So Paid guest blogging is something to enjoy as well. This post is containing all the popular blogs and website that pays well, more than $100+ per guest post. Freelancing is the best way to earn huge money just from the home, we can say it is a home based job. You can earn something. Blogging is something that will always give benefit to your life and career. If you have your own blog and website than you have to do guest posting because it is not only giving a backlink in return but also it increase the traffic. This article is containing the all best blogs all over the world.

Best 10 Blogs that Pay $100 for Each Guest Posts 


1) UXBooth

It is an amazing site or we can say a blog which accept the articles of 1500-2000 per words. You can submit the article to this website and in return it will pay you a huge amount that is minimum $100
The article must be high quality and focus on deep research. Do not copy the article from any other site, if you did than it will never trust on you again. It is always accept the freelancer and blogger hard work.

2) Post Joint

Post joint is a popular website which is based on blogging, SEO etc. It pays around $100 to $250
You can submit a quality written article. It accept the paid guest post and pays well. If you have a marvelous writing skills, than what are you waiting for, go and take a chance!!

3) Developer Tutorials

It is a technology based site which pays $100 per article. If you are a skilled and professional writer who writes in-depth tutorials on Flash, Java, PHP, MySQL, ASP, CSS, AJAX and other technology concepts, than you must check out this site. It is purposely based on tech stuffs.

4) Momentum

It is one of my favorite website which pays huge for a single article. If you interested in writing any kind of article than it welcomes you. It is always give a chance to the newbie bloggers. This site is based on Lifestyle. It pays $1 per single word. If you are interested than you can register yourself. It pays more than $350+

Best 10 Blogs that Pay $100 for Each Guest Posts

5) Listverse

It is website which only accept the list articles. So this is great way to earn something. You do not have to work hard. Just present an list, atleast 10 items. Try to explain each of the item little bit. It will pay you $100+ per article.

6) WorldStart

It is light hearted blog or website which is paying $50-$60 per article. It is mainly focused on IT sector field. So if you are a fresher and not very expert in writing, do not need to worry. It will accept the simple writing articles also. Do not copy and write in your own words. The $50 payment is for post of 800 words; shorter posts earn a smaller fee.

7) The Fiscal Times

This is a news website which is writes an informative articles. If you are interested in giving some contribute to this site than it will pay $100 per article. It covers media, social media news and digital news about current economy, budgets, healthcare issues and other issues. Write to their editor pitching a story idea and hope for the best!

8) Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is the web’s #1 blog when it comes to design, SEO, coding and WordPress tips. If you have valuable kind of writing, tips, tricks, ideas or techniques to share, then you’re more than welcome to write for us and help provide others with solid articles and useful insights. It offers the payment between 60$-100$.

9) Tuts+ WordPress

As the name suggests it is a one of the Best Site to Start on. Their minimum pay is $100 per post and they pay $350 for detailed articles as well. If you’re an expert at WordPress, SEO, you are soon to get paid. Tuts+ are looking for people or a professional bloggers who have something interesting, useful, and practical to share with our audience etc. You can share your valuable article here and get paid easily.

10) YourOnline.Biz

Last but the least, YourOnline Biz is a website which is based on a interview stuff plus you can write the review also. The owner of this niche site is Darnell Jackson. Its niche is based on blogging. The minimum payout is $100 per article. You have to do deep research and the article must be quality based and not containing any illegal stuff, it should be pure, well written in your own words. So what are you waiting for, just open the link and register yourself and get paid.

All The Best !!