If you are a blogger then you must aware with SEO and its tools. A webmaster and a blogger will always look for the variety of techniques via they can boost u their site clients and readers. Here is the complete review of SEO Powersuite. You will check out some new tools related to SEO and it provides the best result for your blog and website. There are multiple features available like you can research your keywords. There are lots of different sites are available where you can check your website and blog performance also check the backlinks. You can check out and configure your competitor's website. It will track your website rank.

Well, if we are talking about SEO PowerSuite, then let me clear about this, it is made up of four amazing software tools in one pack that, when put together, it provides the guaranteed leadership in search engines and new streams of visitors. You can check out all SEO tools one by one, and decide to invest in just one or two out of four for the good start. You have to give it a try because I am sure you will definitely enjoy it. Traffic is also one of the important parts of blogging. After reading this review, you will also notice that it will also generate huge traffic for your site.
There are various types of tools are available via you can maintain your site as well as blog. The 4 main tools are-

  • Rank Tracker
  • Link Assistant
  • SEO SpyGlass
  • WebSite Auditor

1) Rank Tracker

If you are Running many sites and blogs, then this tool is very useful for you. Tracking rank for various sites at a time is quite difficult. So this site and this tool is very useful to track the site rank. Once you are into core internet marketing, you cannot check the rank of your keywords manually. It is a fast process. This tool is useful if your business depends on Yahoo! and Bing for generating traffic and sales, and your main motive is to find the profitable Search Engine Optimization keywords and keep your site ranking high for them in search engines. It picks the most useful and profitable SEO keyword for your site. It also delivered the report on ranking progress to the clients, members or management. It provides the accurate search engine rankings for your competitor's site. Some features include in Rank Tracker-

  • Automatically check your search engine rankings
  • Best keywords optimization
  • Collect data from 456 different search engines
  • Keyword research and provides SEO reports
  • Traffic metrics
  • Delivers reports to demonstrate progress to members.
  • Professional eye-candy ranking and traffic reports
  • Easy data management and provides Flexible settings
  • Search safety

2) Link Assistant

This tool is very much effective and useful. As the name suggests, link-assistant is the best SEO feature which enables you to configure your site and blog results. With the help of this tool, you can manage your link building campaign at one place. You can configure your email directly in the tool and send as well as receive the emails as soon as possible. You can build high-quality links as well as it is safe for Penguin and Panda updates. Link-Assistant provides not only a good Search Engine Optimization tool but also a rich environment where the clients and bloggers can improve their SEO knowledge and skills.
Link Assistant will track all search engines every 12 minutes. It gives the uptodate results.
You can easily manage your backlinks and check the full report of your site performance. It will manage your link profile regular time to time.

It will perform following function like-

  • Store your link profiles information.
  • Build link directory.
  • Verify your website and blog backlinks.
  • Exporting and reporting facilities.
  • Monitor and report the link profile growth.
  • Spammy links removed Immediately.

All in all, the main motive of LinkAssistant is providing the quality link building that actually benefits your site's visitors and your search engine rankings. It will also helpful to raise your site or blog traffic.

3) Website Auditor

It will calculate on-page SEO factors like backlinks, titles of the article, headings, indexing, redirects, error codes etc. With the help of website auditor, you will check your site and blog SEO report. You will also predict your website and blog performance. It provides the whole report of your site performance and you can figure out the problems related to your site and make it SEO friendly. Website auditor will perform a deep scan over your website links. It provides the report of your website performance and send it to the clients. It will check-

  • Pointing links and Broken links
  • Configure the Duplication titles and popular pages on your site/blog.
  • Find out Meta description errors.
  • Deep analysis over gave links.
  • Generates XML Sitemaps
  • Provides Social media popularity.
  • Analysis the On-Page factors.

4) SEO Spyglass

Spying is always a fun tool. It will help you to spy on your competitor’s site and blog. In the internet world, there are lots of tools are available via you can spy on others blogs and site, but you have to pay a lot for that. SEO Spyglass is one of the best features through which you can easily see what are your competitor’s up to. With the help of this, a lot of things you can learn for your blog and site. These tools are generally very costly and you have to pay thousands of dollars. If you want to use this service, then you have to pay the money after the month. You can also check your Domain age, Anchor URL, Domain IP, Anchor text, Country of the link and so on. When you are familiar with this service and wants to use this, after the processing complete it will provide some details like-

  • Backlinks penalty risks.
  • Backlinks pointing to URL.
  • Finds over 100,000 competitor backlinks
  • Detail about backlinks.
  • Traffic from particular backlinks.

Money Back Guarantee

It is the another most important features of SEO Powersuite. If you are not enjoying its features and not satisfied with the tools then do not need to worry. It is a trust-worthy site. It will return your money if you report them. They will return your money within 30 days. If you think that the software does not perform well, then you can contact with the team. The team is fully professional and always ready to help you in any case. If you choose to invest in SEO PowerSuite tools, every paid edition of SEO software is covered by an unconditional 30–days Money–Back Guarantee. The professional team will always support you in any manner.


After reading this whole review, I must say you will enjoy its features. It is one of the best sites, if you really use its features. It provides latest tools which are also affordable and anyone can use it. Various features are available like -

Checking rankings for keywords (Rank Tracker)- It is a superb feature of SEO Powersuite, because if you are running many sites then they will recognise your site ranking, plus it will provide you the report of your site ranking. They will also search the richest keywords for which your site will appear on Google pages.

Keyword research- Keyword research means this site will search the richest and popular keyword for which your site will appear on Google pages. It will pick the most profitable keywords for your SEO campaign.

Structure and HTML-coding analysis (WebSite Auditor)- Website auditor is an amazing software via you can decode the language. The language used in this software is quite easy, and it will optimize the coding language plus enhance the content.

Content Optimization (WebSite Auditor)- It will optimize your content and articles. You have not to worry, they will present you the full report of your site performance. The site traffic will be updated within 12 minutes. You can also check how your competitors are handling on-page SEO. It will also handle all the technical issue.

Link building and management (LinkAssistant)- Generating link is one of the difficult tasks. It will take huge time. Backlinks are really very helpful for your site. Link Assistant will track your links. Also, it will detect the spammy and broken links.

Forming a link building strategy (SEO SpyGlass)- Spying is really a fun material. It will detect your competitors site and also noticed what your competitors are up to. They will also teach you how to create links and how to generate huge traffic. It will compare your backlink profiles of several websites and blogs.

So, in the end I would like to say that it is not a bad proposal. If you give it a try, then you must enjoy its features and tool. You have to pay something for using its tools. It is affordable and you will surely enjoy its company. Also, it will help you to boost blog traffic. We know that traffic is a first priority of any blog or website. And in case, if you are not satisfied with it then do not need to worry, they will return your money within a month. But I personally recommended that you have to try it for once.