Best 6 URL Shortening Websites To Make Money From
No doubt that making money on blogging is quite difficult. Today's generation are mostly dependent on web, they always find new ways to make money. You can easily make huge income with the help of internet. Now a days it become the largest source of income. Well, lets focus on this article. This article is all about the top best 6 URL shortening websites to make money from. If you have an blog and want money from it, so let me tell you that it takes lots of time and effort. Making money is not easy, so here are some best 6 url shortening websites of 2014 to make money from.

First of all the question is arise-

What is URL shortening sites?
URL shortening
is a technique and a method that is used in which a provider makes the webpage available for very short URL in addition to the original long URL. The advantages of URL shortening sites are-
  • Short URL is easy to remember for long time and easily spell.
  • If your blog and website provide some download links than you can use this url shorteners.
  • You can add, write and enter your long url weblink and in return it will create an short and simple url in free of cost.

6 Most popular URL Shortening websites with making money option


It is a free url shortening service in 2014. It will pay you $4 for 1000 visitors. You can also earn 20% commission and $5 minimum payout through Paypal, Payza or Alertpay. It is one of the oldest best service when we talk about url shortening websites. is banned in India. If you are in India then you only have to make some change into the URL, from http:// to https://, and rest of your link would be same.

2) Bitly

It is engage with the worldwide and it will originated since 2008. It is one of the most popular URL shortening service till today. There are many social networking sites which are use Bitly to shorten their URL's. It was privately held which is based in NYC, Bitly shortens have more than 1 billion links per month. The payment transaction was made by Paypal only.



One of the best url shortening site. is URL shortening product from Google with link tracking and stats. The mode of payments transaction are made through PayPal and Alertpay.

4) Bc.Vc

Bc.Vc is one of the modern and finest url shortening website. It will pay $4 for every 1000 visitors and 20% commission on the earnings the referrals. The payment are possible through PayPal and minimum threshold value is $5. Only you have to just sign up, the registration is totally free of cost after that you can start shrinking. You will get paid for every single person who is visit your url.


This site has a unique features and properties, you can earn $4 for every 1000 hits you can get 5% commission on the earnings made by your referral. And the minimum threshold is $3 though PayPal. You can also add voice and audio to any of your shortened URL's and you can also insert images/pictures.


It is a free url shortening service which gives you earn $4 per 1000 visitors, plus it provide additional 20% of referral commission, and $5 minimum payout via Paypal and moneybookers. The registration is free of cost.

Others Top URL Shortening Websites of 2014



Article By- Karan from Check PNR Status