Being an advertiser we do expect that our ad network to be simple, flexible, reliable, and provide us with most targeted traffic (viewers & readers) to our ad campaign in order to get data-drive Return On Investment.

First of all the question arise- What is the self advertiser? Well, as the name suggest Self Advertiser provide a platform where you can create your ad campaign and boost up the audience to your site. As we already know that how important is traffic for our site and blog. Without traffic, no website and blog will survive for long. Traffic is must! So self-advertiser provide a great opportunity to create your own ads and earn more.
You have to do only, just create your ads campaign and sit back then watch the rush of an audience to your site and blog. This is a review which is based on Self Advertiser, its features, advantages, policy and term and condition. I personally recommended to you all, that you have to try it once. Just go through with this post and you its service.

What is Self Advertiser?

Let me clear you that SelfAdvertiser is a platform to the advertiser who are interested in showing the ads. It is owned and operated by MyAdWise Ltd. You can create your campaign up and run in minutes. Then sit back, and watch a swarm of targeted visitors rushing to your site. The ads will run on your site and a number of visitors will click on these ads. You can edit the ads and place it on your blog and website. You can earn huge amount via these ads.

Self Advertiser is a flexible and reliable in nature. It is a self-service platform for advertisers that delivers targeted, quality readers and traffic. It provide a great opportunity to the advertisers so that they can earn huge amount with respect to the ads.

What ad formats are available on SelfAdvertiser?

There are different types of ad format are available for self-advertiser. You can choose your own and enjoy. But before that, you have to create an account on SelfAdvertiser. You can create your own ads and place it on your blog. There are mainly 3 types of ads format are available. You can check out these- 

1) Domain redirect/zero click

2) Paid search ads

3) Pop ads (pop up and pop under, tab up and tab under)

Remember– The Minimum deposit for the First-time payment must be at least $100 and then after, 10$ will be fine.

How To Sign Up In Self Advertiser?

- Before signing up, check out its main tagline. Tagline of Self Advertiser is ” Join us today and become Superhero”

- Firstly, Go to its site and then click on sign up button. If you already have an account then click on sign in button.

- Fill all the necessary details and read the form carefully. You can become the member via filling the sign-up form. 

- Set your budget, create and write your first ad after that decide where you would like it to appear. You can always fine-tune it later on.

- Fill the personal details like Full Name, Email, Location, Phone Number, Username, Password ( choose a strong password) etc. 

- It is a free of cost service. Signing up to SelfAdvertiser is absolutely free of cost. 

- It will only charge if someone visits your website/blog or landing page.

Features of Self Advertiser?

Increase your Viewers/ Traffic

Yes, of course, it will increase your viewers and readers. As we know that creating the site is easy but to maintain it for a long time is quite difficult. For surviving of website and blog, there is a need of readers and traffic. So if you are choosing this platform, it will increase and boost up your readers. You have to choose this service and attempt it for your site benefit.

Money Refundable Process

If you are not satisfied with its service and not want to use it in future then do not need to worry. It will refund your full money, only charged $5 on each refund process. All the money will be transfer to you within 30 days. It will refund the unused balance in your account within 30 days of receipt of your request. An administration charge of ten percent (10%) will be charged. Isn't it amazing.

Intent Targeting

Every blog needs users and audience. So, at least, you have to choose its services and I am sure you will enjoy it. It will maintain your site and boost up your readers. You blog URL is also handled by it, and a number of readers will increase day by day. When it target more audience, it means it will increase the conversion rate.

Fully Supportive Team

If you are choosing this service, then no need to worry about its policy, term and condition. If you find any doubt then you can contact directly to its team. There are professional members who are handling the company and provide the best answers to the users. It is available 24*7 and help you in any way. If you find any hindrance while using its services then do not hesitate to contact with the team.

Overall Advertising Maintenance

Yes, it is true. If you are choosing this service then it will provide so many features to your site. It will target your ads to users and readers in certain countries best engaged with what you have to offer. Your ads will be found by users on the very moment they are looking for a related piece of information. So without wasting much time, just start using it and see the difference in your site.


In the end, I would only say that Self Advertiser is providing the best platform to the advertisers. You can create your own kind of ads and place it on your website and blog. You have to make your ad more attractive and unique so that more and more readers and viewers will come and click on the ads. This is the easiest way to earn and grab more traffic to your blog.

As we know that traffic plays a vital role in the field of blogging. So it provide the huge traffic to your site. The professional team is always there for you. They help you in any way. And if you did not found it interesting then no need to worry, you can cancel the agreement and the money will be refundable to you within 30 days. I personally recommended you to use this service.