Hello friends, Have you ever been taught which alternative is the best search engine? If not, than you are at right place. Today with the help of this post, i would like to mention some of the best alternatives of search engine. As we all know there are different types of searches engines are available, You can install any of it. These are best search engines which I am going to mention on my list. Have you ever been search for the best search engines, here I come with the excellent post which provide you the best search engines in 2015. There are different types of Google alternatives and many of these players offer a better search experience, depending upon your needs. Here are best alternatives to escape your reliance on Google for all things search. Just have a look, I am sure you will like this Top 8 Best Alternatives Of Search Engine in 2015. If you liked this article, keep sharing it on you social profile links.

8 Best Alternatives Of Search Engine in 2015

1) DuckDuckGo

This is the first search engine on my list. You can search anything on this. It will provide the suggestion also when you are surfing on this. It will provide the video suggestion and links also. It is one of the best search engine. Millions of people will install it

2) Bing

There are any number of tools that can give you inbound link data. There's only one place to go for outbound link information and that is Bing. Yes! you heard it right it provide the outbound link information to the users. There are variety of users who have use this search engine and give the positive feedback.

3) BuzzSumo

It is one of my favorite search engine which provide the latest links and search option and suggestions.
You can search the links associated with the social media. If you need to analyze what content performs best for a topic or competitor, than BuzzSumo is the best for it. It provide all latest suggestion related to any topic.

4) WolframAlpha

It is one of the best and also popular search engine on internet. It will provide all latest and link suggestion. It also give the necessary details of any website. It also provide the website data, historical information by date, unit conversions, stock data, sports statistics etc. So it is one of the best search engine among all.

5) Facebook Advanced Search

It is one of the best and also one of the popular search engine in the field of search engine. One of my personal favorite. You can search any place, location, groups, pages, people etc. Just put the name and automatically it will provide the best suggestion that suits your profile.

6) CC Search

CC Search is a search aggregate which offering access to search results provided by a number of independent organizations. Don't assume the results and output displayed are under a creative commons license, you have to verify it.

7) Dogpile

If you want to search the top most list than this was one of the best search engine ever. You can search out the most searched keywords. It is one of the oldest search engine and also one of the popular one. People search out the latest topic and it gives out the best and popular suggestions for you.

8) Blekko

It is one of the popular site which is widely used all over the world. It provided the suggestion in a bulk. It look up for quality over quantity, source based authority over link based plus it removes the sites whose primary purpose is monetization over information. 

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