What is Google?

How does it work?

These are the main question which were asked nowadays. If you did not find any meaning then people say just Google it. Isn't it amazing. You can find anything on Google. In the year 2012, Google has spent more than $17 billion because they want other companies.Actually this was a HUGE investment but they made it effortlessly. Even they establish a great market and rule over entire global.

Google play a vital role in the field of blogging. As we are bloggers, so we know the importance of Google. When bloggers write the articles and publish it on their sites and blog, the Google pages will tell us where our articles and posts stand on the search engine.

To stand on Google first page is really very difficult. You have to study all the tactics of Google Ranking. Well, this infographic is all about What is Google and its history. You can check the infographic plus promote it on your social profiles links so that more and more people will know about it.

Getting To Know The Google [Infographics]


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