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Making Money Using SEO Techniques- How To

Making money is the trendy topic this year. Every one loves to make money without doing any hard work. They want to live an luxuries life and enjoy every moment of stardom. But to earn huge amount is not easy. You have to do lots of hard work and always ready to learn new things. So today we are decided to publish an post which is very interesting and unique. In today's post we are going to present some ideas on how you can making money online with SEO techniques. Online workers, website owners and bloggers understand the importance and significance of search engine optimization. But only some of the users are known that they can make money through it. So without wasting, lets get core to the subject!

How to Grow Blog Community Online- Useful Tips

Do you know how to grow your blog community online? What are the Steps, tips and techniques to Grow Your Online blog or site Community? If not, than you are just at right blog. Today with the help of this post, I will publish the best 10 Ways to Grow Your Online Community. Hope you liked it. These are the great ways which help to grow traffic and maintain active members in your community. As we all know that community include readers, commenter’s, subscribers , registered users, guest bloggers, paid people

List of Websites To Make Money By Writing Reviews

Do you know that you can make money by writing Reviews ? Shocking but its true. You can earn a handsome amount by writing reviews online. There are number of websites are available on web who pays you for writing reviews. You can write reviews on movies, websites, articles, products etc. Below i have publish some top and best websites where you can submit your review and get paid. If you are a skilled blogger than you can earn huge amount through this. You will get paid through Paypal.

List of World's Top Ranking Websites 2014

Do you know which are the most popular and famous websites in 2014? If not, than don't worry. Today with the help of this post i want to publish an interesting article where you see the world top highest ranking websites. The list contain 200 websites according to their ranking category. Ranking is very important for any website, it shows the status of your blog and site where it stands. Pagerank is also important for our blog. If you want your blog have high pagerank you should optimize your blog and make it SEO friendly, and generate more backlinks into your blog.

Download Free Blogger Templates Of 2014

Do you know which are the best and top Blogger templates on web? How to download it, whether we can afford it or not? How much it cost? So that's why today i would like to submit an post which include the best blogger templates which is widely used by most of the bloggers. Recently we have posted 10 WordPress Premium Templates . This include the WordPress templates and now here i am present the top 10 themes of blogger. In the last year 2013 blogger released some new templates and other templates providers too. Check the list which i present below, if you want to include some of yours than do comments and let us know.

Popular Websites From Where Blogger Can Make Money

Hey friends, I hope you all like our previous posts and also give your feedback. Come to this post, today we want to give our thoughts on how to make money easily without doing any hard efforts. Do you know which are the best and quality websites from where an blogger or we can say a freelancer can make money online . There are so many sites are available on web where you can apply for an job. But remember there are so many duplicates company are run on web which hurts you and your finance. So you have to choose wisely and actively your choice. Here we will present some top and best websites where you can find an right job and make money in 2013 . Have a look! See- Different Ways To Earn Money Without Getting Jobs

List of High PR CommentLuv Enabled Blogs

Do you know which are the CommentLuv blogs on web? If not, than today we are present an important post which is related to high PageRank CommentLuv Enable Blogs. People are very much excited when they comments on different blogs and site. Below the list which i mention, it contain so many benefits like your blog will known to others, you can leave your blog link, learn from your senior blogger and their blogs. Also you can build your community around the list. Make friends and build good relationships with them.


Today I would like to share an interesting post which include some plugins regarding email. Below we have discuss the top 5 best email marketing plugins for WordPress. As we all know that how much the email is important for us? With the help of mails you can interact with anyone and communicate also share your views, ideas, images etc. If you are a WordPress user then you can use these ready-made email marketing plugins to interact and communicate with readers and promote the products of your affiliates. There are various plugins are available on internet but not everyone can afford it. These are relatively expensive. But thanks to CMS WordPress, they provided some free and best email marketing plugins.

Popular 50 High Pagerank Classified Websites List with Stats

Hey everyone, I hope that you all liked our previous articles, and today I want to publish an post which is related to the Top 50 High Pagerank Classified Sites List with Stats. This post include 50+ sites which having an good Pagerank (PR) and their statistics. These are the classified site list which covering an good Alexa rank as well as high Pagerank. There are so many countries sites exits such as US, Canada, UK, Europe, South Africa, Asia, Australia, Russia, China, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Indonesia etc. Below the classified sites which I mention below it respond to Page Rank first, secondly the Alexa Traffic Rank and Traffic Rank (in Country) and Sites Linking In.

Difference Between Moz Domain Authority And Google PageRank

What is the difference between Moz Domain and Google PageRank? If not than today I will tell you the difference between Moz domain authority and Google PageRank. The both are search engine metrics. Moz formerly known as SEEOMoz but now it is better known with Moz only. Now the question arrise what is Domain Authority (DA) and what is PageRank (PR). This post is related that how the Moz is different from PageRank. Below I have discuss some of the points which included the intro of Google PageRank and Moz DA also the differences them.

Benefits of Running Free Giveaways on Blog

Prizes and giveaways are liked by everyone. Every reader and visitors must participate if you are awarded them something. Giveaways are very important for me and i think it is as equally important for others. There are so many blogs who have conducted these free giveaways on their blog and website for more traffic , social boost and extra reader’s engagement. So today i have decided to write an post which is related to the importance of giveaways on blog/site in 2013. There are so many benefits of them like increases the popularity of your blog , boost your blog readers, increase your site stats, readers get awarded etc.

10 Things You Should Do Before Applying For Google AdSense

How to get Google AdSense first? What is the Best Ways to get Quick Approved Google AdSense? How to Apply to Google AdSense ? Google AdSense Won't Approve Your Blog? WHY? What are the common Things You Should Do Before Applying For Google AdSense? These are some common question which is deal with every blogger or we can say a newbie blogger. When we create our blog or website than our next motto is to get approved by Google AdSense. So with the help of this post i would tell you some tips and ways which you should do before applying for Google AdSense in 2013.

Best Top Ten CPA Affiliate Networks

Do you know which are the top 10 best CPA affiliate networks in 2013? Top 10 global accounting networks? If not than you are at right place, today I will tell you the famous CPA networks. First of all What is CPA? The full form of CPA is cost per action . It is a paid advertising program. Below i have present an list which contain the best and popular CPA networks. In my previous post I have publish how you can Make Money Online With CPA Programs . In this post you have learned how to earn cash with these affiliate networks via following some ways. And today know the best and top 10 official CPA( cost-per-action) networks.

How to Build a Healthy Relationship With Top Bloggers

How to build and maintain good relation with famous and top bloggers? If you are a newbie and don't know how to communicate with popular bloggers than you are just at right place. Today with the help of this post i would like to express how you can build healthy relationship with top bloggers. In my previous post i have mentioned Tips For Maintaining Good Client Relationships . This post help you to become frank with your readers and know how to interact with top and popular bloggers . Below I have mentioned some tips or we can say some ways which help you to build healthy relationship with other bloggers. 

[How To] Ranked On Page One Of Google Search

Every blogger want that their blog content is ranked on page one of Google Search but it is difficult but not impossible. All you need lots of hard work and luck. No one understood the algorithm that how an Google predict everyone page and ranked accordingly to it. But we can estimate it. You have to keep your blog SEO  friendly, the article whatever you write it must be accurate, unique, keyword optimized etc. You have to choose targeted keywords for your blog. With the help of this post I would like to publish How the page is ranked? What are the Page Ranking Algorithm ? How to improve your blog content via it ranked on first pages of Google search? Below I present an infographic which tells How the page is ranked and how you can understand the Google ranking factors?

Top 10 Alternatives To YouTube For Videos Sharing

YouTube is one of the best and popular social networking website which is run all over the world. Even it is one of my favorite social site, I usually go there and love to watch new songs, film sequences, TV serials, Movies, Ads, News, etc. If you love to watch video than you must aware with YouTube. You can watch any type of video at free of cost. It was started in 2005. You can upload your video also, just signup once. There are million of users who already visited every-time on YouTube. Do You know which are the best alternatives of YouTube? If not, than here i am going to discuss the best alternatives of YouTube. Lets have a look!

AdBrite Vs. Bidvertiser Vs. Chitika- Comparison Chart 2014

Hey everyone! Today I would like to share an important topic regarding AdBrite, Bidvertiser and Chitika . Every blogger wants to make money through blogging. It is a dream of every blogger to make and earn huge amount through their blog and websites in 2014. The three ads which I want to discuss below is the best Ads publishing network among Google. Below I would like to discuss the features, advantages and disadvantages etc. See-   Top 10 High Paying Google Adsense Alternatives

Twitter Unfollow Tool To Unfollow Non-Followers

As we know that twitter is one of the powerful social networking sites. Twitter is used by most of the celebrities where they tweets their daily updates. Today's article is concerned about the twitter unfollow tools via which you can unfollow the non-followers. According to me, twitter is one of the popular social networking sites which is used for promoting and advertising the marketing strategies. Below I have publish some free Twitter unfollow tools which will help you to Unfollow non followers twitter user in bulk.

10 WordPress Plugins To Increase Traffic For Your Blog

As we all know that how much traffic is important for our blog or website. Traffic is the first source and tool via which the blog and website will survive. With the help of this post, we would like to share an article which include the best and popular WordPress plugins for increasing your site traffic. You can easily boost up your blog traffic with the help of these plugins. As we know that the blog can be hosted on two platforms either on blogger or in WordPress. To increase the traffic, there are multiple options are available on web, one is through social media. But if you want to increase through plugins then go through with full post.

Creative Ways To Increase Your Facebook Subscribers

As we all know that social media play an vital role in the field of promotion and advertising. Social networking sites includes Facebook, Twitter, Stumble, LinkedIn, Google Plus etc. Lets talk about Facebook. I think Facebook doesn't need an introduction. Today's generation are very much aware with Facebook and its applications. In this post i would like to share an interesting topic regarding Facebook subscribers. To boost and increase an subscribers become an informative trend now a days. So if you want to increase your Facebook subscribers in 2013. Than you are at right place. Here you find the best tips and techniques to boost up your Facebook subscribers. Also see-   How To Create A Facebook Fan Page For Your Blog

Popular WordPress Plugins For eCommerce

Online shopping becoming the most trendy option for buying and purchasing anything. You can sell and but anything very easily. With  the help of this post I would like to share an interesting topic which include the best WordPress Plugins for eCommerce in 2013. You can easily check out various brands and compare prices of their with a single click. These WordPress plugins are make our work easier and efficient. You can search on web, it provide number of WordPress plugins but here you find the best and popular WordPress Plugins. Also see-   Top 5 Security Plugins For WordPress Blogs

5 Best Online Backlink Checker Tools to Monitor your Backlinks

Backlinks are very necessary to grab high pagerank . As we all know that we have to get an page rank for our blog or website. Every blogger have to understand the value of backlinks. The backlinks you should have on your site should not be based on the quantity but more importantly on their quality. When we talk about creating back-links, we usually concentrate on creating dofollow links and using these backlink checker tools, we count how many back-link we have created for our blog. Below I have mentioned the top 5 online checker tools in 2013. You can check your site backlinks just put your site URL and check it.

Google PageRank 6 December 2013 Rolled Out

Earning Methods Finally the Google Page Rank updated on 6th December 2013. I know it taking a lot time. Every one waited for it and i know it takes a long time to rolled out. Recently I have published  Google PageRank Update Schedule: When Will Be The Next PageRank Update?  which is liked by many readers, But they continuously asked me by e-mails that the day have passed and still Google will not show any results. But now finally it shows the result and give page ranks to various websites and blog in 2013. Google Page Rank will update within 3 months regularly. Page rank depend on site popularity, backlinks, traffic etc.

[How To] Grow Your Niche Authority

As we all know that how much the blog niche is important for us. Niche play an vital role in the field of blogging . This article is totally focused on how we get huge popularity for our blog? What are the different steps we have taken to increase the authority of our blog niche? There are numerous of ways are present on web to grow Your Blog Niche Authority. You have to establish yourself as an niche expert just by following some steps. By making your website an authority, you will be able to stand out of the crowd. Being an authority not only impresses people, but also Google. Below I have display some different ways via which you can grow your blog or website niche in 2013.

Top 5 Blogging AdSense Earners In India

Earning through Google AdSense is the easy way to make money from home. If you start and create a blog than your first motive is to apply for an Google AdSense and earn huge money from ads. You have to do so many things before applying for an Google AdSense. Like your blog grab an huge traffic , your blog must be popular and famous, apply for AdSense if your blog have been create and passed from 6 months. In this post I have written on the top 5 bloggers from India who have earn huge amount from Google AdSense. Below the list contain the top five blogs that earn the most from Google AdSense in India. Top 5 AdSense Earners From India 1)   Labnol  [ Amit Agarwal ] Amit Agarwal is an Engineering degree in Computer Science from IIT and has previously worked at ADP Inc. for clients like Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch. He is the first successful Indian blogger. Labnol is a Technology blog which was started in 2004. He is also started some technical projects like Google Social, Tall Tweets,