Hey everyone! Today I would like to share an important topic regarding AdBrite, Bidvertiser and Chitika. Every blogger wants to make money through blogging. It is a dream of every blogger to make and earn huge amount through their blog and websites in 2014. The three ads which I want to discuss below is the best Ads publishing network among Google. Below I would like to discuss the features, advantages and disadvantages etc.
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AdBrite Vs. Bidvertiser Vs. Chitika



AdBrite has a great advertising platform for your blog. It is an CPM ad site which is known as cost per mile. You can get money when ever someone has clicks on your post. You get paid after each click. There are three types of ads are come under AdBrite:-
  • Banner Ads
  • Full page Ads
  • Inline Ads
The minimum payout is $5. The payment mode is selected through cheque.

Advantages Of AdBrite

  • It is easy to implement and setup.
  • The codes are simple and execute easily.
  • Minimum payout is only $5.
  • They provide different ads which is used to increase revenue. 
  • It is an top level domain name.
  • It works with the combination of Google Adsense.

Disadvantages Of AdBrite

  • You can not change the banner template of ads.
  • It having an Less contextual Ads than Bidvertiser.
  • The ads zone is limited so you have to use the ads carefully.
  • The payment mode is only cheque.
  • If you site is based on hacking, cracking and porn than it is not supported by AdBrite.
  • It having an high ad load time.



Bidvertiser is a PPC which means pay per click ad banner network. It is launched in 2003 by Bpath, Ltd. You will get paid is someone click on your content ad. You can place various type of ads like text ads, image ads etc.

Advantages Of Bidvertiser

  • You will get paid after each click.
  • If you made any changes with the preference or templates than it is automatically updated in your blog or website.
  • The cash payment is through Paypal.
  • It has minimum $10 payout.
  • If you are used its features than you will be credited with $20 for free to advertise.It provide an pop-up and slider ads.
  • It accepts the hacking and cracking sites.

Disadvantages of Bidvertiser

  • You will only get paid for clicks not for impression.
  • The pop-up ads are not able to earn more.
  • The team which is supported Bidvertiser is also lacking in many fields, that's why i personally not like the bidvertiser. 
  • It also having an high loaded ad time.



Chitika is an PPC affiliate program which is known as pay per click. It is similar as Google AdSense. It is one of the popular online advertising media and conducting pay per click advertising programs. You can make an decent money online from it. 

Advantages of Chitika

  • It is the Best alternative of Google AdSense.
  • Chitika will allows publishing Google AdSense ads on similar page.
  • It shows the relevant ads.
  • It provide an different ads format.
  • The minimum payout is $10 through Paypal and $ 50 through Cheque.
  • Chitika is the Best ad network site for search engine result.
  • It also support Mobile and Map Ads also.

Disadvantages Of Chitika

  • Chitika ads are not contextual.
  • The Chitika works only with US and Canada based visitors and readers.
  • It having an low CTR.
  • It has no market place.
  • Sometimes it shows duplicate ads in different blocks.