Making Money Using SEO Techniques- How To
Making money is the trendy topic this year. Every one loves to make money without doing any hard work. They want to live an luxuries life and enjoy every moment of stardom. But to earn huge amount is not easy. You have to do lots of hard work and always ready to learn new things. So today we are decided to publish an post which is very interesting and unique. In today's post we are going to present some ideas on how you can making money online with SEO techniques. Online workers, website owners and bloggers understand the importance and significance of search engine optimization. But only some of the users are known that they can make money through it. So without wasting, lets get core to the subject!

Ways To Make Money With SEO Techniques

Use Online Social Media Strategy

Use Online Social Media Strategy
As we all know that How social media is useful for us and our blog. We have to understand its significance and importance. If you really want to earn money than you have to use the social media strategy very carefully. Visual marketing can be seen on Social media like on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest etc. Via this you can boost your traffic. You can also increase your visual traffic on YouTube. As we know that YouTube is the second world's most largest search engine optimization.

Use Mobile Marketing

We can also use the mobile devices to continue the increase of traffic, and it seems like this trend would not change anytime soon. Now a days, it is important to have a solid mobile presence like Samsung Nokia LG, iPhone etc, with an application or at least with some ads. This can be done with solid SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for mobile terminals.

Content Writing

Content Writing

This one is the most important and interesting fact that the quality does. Whatever you write on your blog and whatever you submit for other blogs, all bloggers have noticed the content quality and how you writes your articles. Your articles must contain highly targeted keywords. You have to maintain the keyword density from 3-4%.

On-Off Site Factors

Your blog or website depends on various factors like keywords, content, meta tag description, images tag, header tags. As we all know that H1 is the king of remaining tags, and H2 is the queen. Your title must be H1 and Subtitle is H2. Whenever you paste an image along with your post, than always give an ALT tag to your images. Sitemap and Robots.txt is also consider an major factor.

Off site factors include Social networking sites, classified ads, Forums, Article marketing, Directory submission, Search Engine Submissions etc.

Decide Topic/ Niche of Website

Decide Topic/ Niche of Website

This is the first step whenever you choose your niche and topic of your blog or website. You have to decide your niche very carefully. If your sites is based on making money era than you have to write the article and post which is based on money making. Don't write those articles which have no links with your niche. 

Photos and Links

As we all know that article is important for our blog but at the same time the picture is also play an vital role in the post. Without images and photos, your post looks dull and boring. As we know that picture speaks more than words! So always give 2-3 images in your post because it is shown on Google searches and if anyone open your image the links will guide them to visit web pages automatically without any action.

Personalize SEO with Google Authorship

We all know that How Google Authorship is important for us. If you really want to make dollars, i mean making money than this is the best option. If your site or blog meet with the Google policies than you can apply for Google AdSense. Always consider some factors which is used before applying for AdsSnse. AdSense will really help you to monetize your earnings.

All Done!