Benefits of Running Free Giveaways on Blog
Prizes and giveaways are liked by everyone. Every reader and visitors must participate if you are awarded them something. Giveaways are very important for me and i think it is as equally important for others. There are so many blogs who have conducted these free giveaways on their blog and website for more traffic, social boost and extra reader’s engagement. So today i have decided to write an post which is related to the importance of giveaways on blog/site in 2013. There are so many benefits of them like increases the popularity of your blog, boost your blog readers, increase your site stats, readers get awarded etc.

Benefits of Running Free Giveaways on your Blog

1)  Increase Your Blog Popularity

If you organised some of the free giveaways on your blog than it gives full entertainment to you and to your blog readers. Also it increases the popularity of your blog or websites. You have to promote the giveaway a bit in the beginning and then leave the promotion work to the participants. This will grab more and more traffic to your blog and site. Your participants will promote your blog on various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ via this your blog automatically receive huge traffic time to time.

2)  Social Media Exposure

Social Media Exposure

In these giveaways, the participants have to promote your blog and blog content on various social networking sites and this will lead to exposure to social media. More and more people get engage with your blog and always excited to see your blog next post and eagerly waiting for the results of giveaways. As we know that social media has an powerful impact on advertising and promotion, so if your participants and readers explore your blog on these networking sites, it will boost your traffic.

3)  Readers Get Awarded

Readers Get Awarded

Every blogger has to thank to their readers and visitors because without their support the blog should not survive for a long time. But the question is How you should thank to your loyal readers? Well the answer is simple and effective. You should give them some giveaways to thank them. But the giveaways is useful to your readers and participants.