Top 10 WordPress Premium Templates- 2013
Well, this article is related with the WordPress themes. Here I write the top most 10 premium WordPress themes in 2014. WordPress is one of the products that provides a solution for users of all skill levels. If you are using an WordPress theme for your blog then you must know the top premium WordPress themes.
Enough talk - let's take a look at the list!
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Top 10 Premium WordPress Themes Provider Websites 

Elegant Themes

2.)  Woo Themes
Woo Themes

3.)  Thesis(DIY Themes)
 Thesis(DIY Themes)

4.)  Studio Press
Studio Press

5)  Headway Themes
 Headway Themes

6.)  Themejunkie

7.)  iThemes

8.)  solostream

9.)  Themeforest

10.)  Colorlabs

That's all!!