20 Free WordPress Themes of 2013
There are so many different themes are available in this year. If you have an blog or a website and if having an platform like WordPress than it well and good. If you want to see your wordpress blog on your handsets than you just have to go on these sites and install the plugins. So you can able to get the updates on your mobile phones. WordPress themes should be reliable in terms of function. You would not want to own a website that has a lot of glitches and which discourages viewers to explore more sections of it. These themes are totally free of cost.

20 Best Responsive WordPress Themes

1)   Mantra Template

2)   Pinboard 

4)   PageLines

12)   Montezuma

13)  Attitude

15)  Thoughts

17)   Unique

18)  Tetris

19)  Ajeeban

20)  Glider

All Done!!