As we all know that there are so many bloggers who are making tons of dollar every day. Blog is that kind of platform where an blogger can able to perform his/her technicality through writing articles. Many bloggers earn money online or even earn money when they are offline. Today's generation love to make thousand of dollars without doing any hard work. Because of laziness they only want to live their life like an celebrity. And if you really don't want to do any hard work unless want more money, then only there is option left is that “Making Blog”.
According to me making money is not an tuff task, it just as how to make it in a real manner. There are so many blogs which are not able to make money but still, bloggers make effort, they do publishing their articles and give there 100% devotion to there blog.
So i have decided to publish all relevant points which focusing on why your blog failed to make money. Keep Note that all you have to overcome these points mentioned, if you want to succeed in your blogging career.

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Blog Makes No Money:-

1) The first point is you are not focused. I mean you should focused towards you content of article. Your writing skills must be unique and appropriate.

2) No Page Rank also is the most important point which lacks your money. If your blog doesn't have a good page rank or even Alexa rank then you are not able to make money through your blog.
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3) If your article does not contain any logic then you are not able to make money. Your way of writing reflects your skills towards your readers/audience. You have to write your article which is based on your website niche.

4) Don't make a good relationship with your clients. You have to establish your kind behavior with your audience/visitors. Do commenting on others blog also.
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5) No Branding Strategy is the next point. You have to establish your strategy through selling product on your blog. If you are not able to sell any product on your blog then your blog failed to make money.

6) If you don't have a SEO knowledge. Then also your blog did not exceed. And not earn money for you. So you should have to collect, gather much information related to SEO.
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7) Traffic! Yes you guessed it right. The next point is Traffic. As we all know that traffic is the most important tool for the survival of any blog/website. No traffic/exposure to your blog posts either may hitted by Google Panda or Penguin. You should expose your blog to multiple social sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc.
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8) The next point is your Ads. We all known that most of the bloggers earn dollars with the help of their Ads. Most effective ads are Google Ads, so if you have an license of Google ad sense then it is benefit for you. your ads must related to your blog. Ads Don’t Match your Blog Content will create distraction for you.

9) Monetize your blog. Your template and design must be attracted. I think you all have heard that first impression is the last impression. So, try to monetizing Problems lies with your blog.

10) Last but not the least, Always remember that You’re a Blogger Not a Marketer.

Thats it!!