How to Write a SEO Friendly Blog Post For WordPressHello friends!! There are millions of blog on Google search. But if you want that your blog is ranked and easily available on 1st page then you have to work hard. A good blog post is comprised of a number of key elements: relevant post topics, keyword-rich titles, formatting, links, SEO with categories, tags and keywords, image optimization, and plugins. To get higher rankings in popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing one should write complete SEO optimized blog post for their website or blog. Don't know how, lets start learning today by following some usual tips and tricks in the below post. Have a look!!

Top 5 tips/tricks for writing an SEO friendly Post at WordPress :

1.  Use Keyword title in your Post title

Your keyword term should be included in the name of your post. Keyword is the most powerful tool which is reflection of your entire post. Article heading must written in a targeted keywords. Keywords play an important role in SEO. Avoid to use of such words like is, an, or etc.

2.  Proper Heading

Proper use of H1, H2 and H3 Headings where necessary for writing blog posts. Headers are use to highlight the main sub titles of the article. It is very important to give proper sub headings to your article because it gives a good reflection of writing skills and an reader easily understood what do you want to say in the given paragraph.

3.  Write great Content

Article must be of 300 words each to save yourself from recent Google panda algorithm. You have to write an effective post. Make sure its nor too short neither too long. It should include all main points. Mark dark spot on main points. You can also write an short description. Take some time to write an interesting one that would captivate people’s attention enough to prompt them to click and check out your website.

4.  Images Optimization

Article must consists of  proper ALT tags in images, inter-linking of other blog pages/posts is also very important for high quality Page Rank. Hyperlinks is very important if you want raise your visitors. You can improve your Google rankings by using keywords as the file name and in the alt text. Make sure the size of your image isn’t too large as well as larger images tend to slow down a website.

5.  Keyword Phrase

Add Keyword phrase to first and last sentence – Add your keyword phrase to the first and last sentence too… If you are targeting just a word, then by all means make a phrase with it.

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