How To Increase Website Traffic- Tips And Techniques
Traffic is very important for the survival of any blog or website. As we all know that without traffic no blog can survive. So if you want to grab more traffic than here are some tips and ways via you can increase your website traffic. Below there are some useful tips through you can monetize your website with huge traffic, visitors and pageviews etc. You can become an successful blogger but without web traffic your blog will not survive in the field of blogging. If you have no traffic in blogging, you are nothing in blogging.

In today’s article, I’m going to share different tips that will help website owners and bloggers increase traffic to their websites and blogs for free.

Free Website Traffic: 15 Tips To Increase Traffic To Your Website

1)  The first tip is use social media as weapon to promote your blog or its content on internet. As we all know that social media is a powerful method for promotion.

2)  Include social media share buttons on your blog/website.

3)  Always write an quality content articles. It should be unique, attractive and creative.

4)  Don't just do copy and paste. It shows that you are not supposed to dedicate your skills towards your work. Always amend yourself and always work hard.

5)  Some social media sites where you can promote your blog:-
Google Plus

6)  You can do guest posting, as it is the best way to grab more traffic to your blog. Submit your article on that sites which have an good Page Rank.

7)  Always update your blog. Try to write on fresh topics.

8)  Always focus on how to Increase Website Traffic and When you get traffic, you’ll automatically get higher Alexa Rank and Google Page Rank.

9)  Commenting is also an good source to grab audience towards your blog (especially those with CommentLuv enabled)

10)  You can Use Yahoo Answers, as we see that Yahoo Answers results appearing in search engine results for related queries.

11)  Create Hubpages for generating some backlinks.

12)  You have to collect as many backlinks as you can. Backlinks play an vital role in the field of blogging.
13)  First impression is the last impression, as we all know that theme of your blog play an vital role, so if your theme is not attractive than you are unable to increase your web traffic.

14)  You can also offer Newsletters to your Subscribers.

15)  Maintain good relationship with other bloggers. You can create an healthy relationship.