Increase alexa ranksAlexa, a place where every webmaster and blogger visit daily to check his/her blog/website rank. Alexa is a well known part of and its function is to crawl websites in the world with suitable rankings, Backlinks, reviews and other owner public information. Every blog/website has its own rank starting from 1 to millions. We can check website/blog rank and determine its popularity very well. Thanks to Alexa who provides this measurement of Web rankings. Every webmaster/ blogger tries to struggle with their website to increase its Alexa rank and be on top of the list. Therefore today, we will learn how to increase our Alexa rankings by following some tips/tricks below.
Note thatLess is your Alexa rank, more is your popularity”.

Top 10 Tips for increasing Alexa rankings

1.  Download the Alexa toolbar

You can download this toolbar and use it every day to visit your own website : Alexa even gives you the ability to design the toolbar with your own logo and give it away to the people. You can download the toolbar from here. Now tell your readers to download and install it in your computers.

2.  Good Reviews

Ask your readers to write good reviews on my website and rate them properly at Alexa : This will lead to better site visibility and higher rankings.

3.  Alexa widget

Place the Alexa widget on your website : Every time when you visit your site by this widget, your Alexa rank increases. You can place this widget at the bottom of your website. Note- This widget includes information about your website stats. for ex- rank, links, traffic etc..

4.  Link building technique

This one is very important for you people as Alexa calculates website rankings according to its backlinks also. Therefore, try to get maximum backlinks from another websites. for ex- Post in Forums, do guest blogging, create accounts at social media sites and others as well.

5.  Directories

Always submit your website url and posts to popular Directories like Dmoz, Technorati, Blog Catalog, Bloggers etc.

6.  Social media is must

Social media always play an important role to boost up your traffic. Use Facebook, Twitter, Google plus etc. to increase your links in Google search. Also Note- Import your all blog posts into that with the help of feeds.
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7.  Quality Content

Write unique and quality posts. This will save you from Google Panda Effect. Do not copy content from other sites, write your article in your own words. Just write on latest news for example social media always latest in trends, you can also writes on how to earn money because those post who is related to money always increase high visitors.
8.  Proper submit of your website/blog sitemaps to popular search engines like Google, Yahoo etc..
9.  Home Page Matters – Ask your visitors/readers to make your site their browser’s home page.
10.  Read the above points carefully then you will surely increase your blog/website ranking.

All the best!!