Tips To Increase YouTube Video ViewsHey friends, my previous article related to YouTube is How to make money from YouTube, and I am sure after reading that article you will got the hints how you can make money through it. But today I am going to tell you that tips to increase YouTube video views. YouTube always consider an spicy topic among youngsters, i mean people get excited while watching videos whether it is T.V or on internet. YouTube is also one of the top site, it is also in the list of top 10 websites according to Alexa rank. Now focus on article people love to upload their videos on YouTube but doesn’t able to get huge views, reason is lack of guidance. After reading today’s article I am quite sure you will not only improve your YouTube Video views but you will also able to generate revenue from YouTube. Have a look!!

Increase YouTube video views:-

1)  Creating a Profile

Creating a Profile
The first step is create your portfolio. Make sure your profile not too long, nor too short. When you are creating your Facebook and twitter account, your are also filling relevant info in the about area, just like it when you are uploading videos, there also create an short and simple profile. Suppose if some one watched your video and he/she wanted to learn more about and when he/she reached your profile and he/she saw it’s not even filled properly then he/she will never bother to even check your other videos. So your profile is the first impression towards others persons.

2)  Make it Findable

Make it Findable
I must say YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine. If you want that your video found on first page of Google search then use those kind of words in the title, in the video description and as the tags of the video. Make sure you have select the title wisely. Try to give unique title from others. Always select the correct category to your video.

3)  Careful with Keywords

Keywords are consider one of the most important way/factors on how to increase views on YouTube videos. You have to be very careful while choosing targeted keywords. Your description, tags, titles, sub-headings etc tells Google what your video is about. Keep your keywords RELEVANT.

4)  Describe your video

Describe your video
Its an important tips for all readers, if you are uploaded an video on YouTube make sure that you will write an short description about your video. By writing an description people will aware what the video is all about. You description should be short but make sure it will include all relevant points. When you are filling out your description and title and make sure to add as many relevant tags as you possibly can.

5)  Embed your Video on your Blog

Embed your Video on your Blog
Whenever you write an post, try to insert an short duration type of video in your post, by this there is a great for Search Engine Optimization. You can give a high targeted keywords to your video and also give tags to your video by this your video are view in the first page of Google search. Moreover you can also embed your video in a comment section, forums, and even Facebook profiles and pages.

6)  Ask People To Subscribe

Ask People To Subscribe
If you want to increase your views then you must have to ask your friends to join your video or we can say that ask your friends, neighbor, relatives to subscribe your video. By this your views are increasing easily. If you want to increase the subscribers then try to insert subscribe now link in your videos. You can insert at the top of the video or can also insert it at the bottom of the video.

7)  Share your Video on Social Media

Share your Video on Social Media
Everyone knows that social media is an powerful tool for promotion. With the help of social media you can easily promote your blog, website, any brand/product, business etc. When we talking about social media Facebook and twitter are always comes first in our mind. Share your videos in all your social media profiles. You can share your video on Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. Promoting your videos on social media drive huge traffic, and you will get maximum views to your video.

8)  Posting Videos Frequently

posting video frequently
If you want to increase your video views then you will able to post regularly and if it is not possible for you, then you have to upload the video within a week regularly. You have to post your video timely otherwise you will loose your video views. Posting video regularly no t only increase your views but it will also increase your subscribers. People wanted fresh videos based on new technology, latest brand etc so make sure your video is based on latest news.

9)  Build Backlinks to Improve Rank

Build Backlinks to Improve Rank
This is an important point to increase your video views. If you create backlinks to your post page, you’ll be increasing your ranking for the page, which will inevitably result in more hits. Keep commenting on different-different websites/blog, and it will give you an backlinks which further having so many benefits.

10)  Promoting your video through Commenting

Promoting your video through Commenting
Last but not the least, if you want to get even more viewers try to search a good video related to your niche and post a good comment on that video with your profile link. Commenting is the easiest way to increase your video views. You can used to comments on other blogs/website by this it provided you backlinks.

That’s it!!