Top 10 Sites in India in 2012Our country India growing very fast day by day. I must say India has been showing it phenomenal performance in every field of life. Well if we discussing about websites than this world having billions of different-different websites. People love to spend their time by survey of many of sites every day. But if we focusing on top best website ever in this world then I know everybody known that according to Alexa Rank, No.1 is “Google”. So with the help of this article I would like to share an interesting topic that is Top 10 websites in India. I must say that Indian bloggers are earn huge amount of money and these are the top 10 websites of India that are followed by the Indians. So have a quick look!

Top 10 Websites

1)  Google

Without any confusion and doubt it consider the No.1 site till now. It has over 1 billion page views per day and daily ad revenue of over $4 million. People usually search the world's information, including webpages, images, and videos etc.

2)  Facebook

Ya ya I know! Everybody knows everything about Facebook. It consider one of most wanted social media site. There are million of active users are there. People love to hangout with Facebook. It is most famous among the youngsters. This site is ranked at No. 2 according to Alexa Rank. It having million of page view per day. It consider one of the best site where people make friends in all over the world. Facebook is a social utility that connects people.

3)  YouTube

YouTube is ranked at No.3 position according Alexa Rank. It is an amazing website where numbers of video are uploaded and people will enjoy when they watch any kind of video. People can Upload, tag and share videos worldwide!

4)  Yahoo!

Its Alexa Ranking is No.4. It consider one of the best mail service provider. For entertainment, it provide the facility of chatrooms with colorful cartoons avatars characters. It is also one of the oldest site and has over 400 million page views per day and daily ad revenue of over $2 million.

5)  Wikipedia

Wikipedia is also just like Google. It is platform where you can find anything you want. It having an 6th position according to Alexa Rank. It is an free encyclopedia which covers almost everything which is happens in this world.

6)  LinkedIn

It is one of the most helpful and trustful site for finding an job and for making friends on internet. It provide an networking tool to find connections to recommended job candidates. Alexa Ranking is 13. Over 200 million page views per day and daily ad revenue of over $500000.

7)  Twitter

Mostly used in foreign countries. Most of the celebrities are join twitter and always connect with their fans. It is an social networking site which is used for instant messaging. It also giving an tuff competition to Facebook also.


At No.46 in Alexa Rank. It acquired by Google in 2003. It provide an amazing platform and stage for the bloggers. Everyday there is million of page views. has an ad revenue of over $600000 daily. It promoting blogging as an career.

9)  Google India

It is an Indian version, or we can say that most popular in India, this site having an huge views daily. It having an Alexa Rank 12.


The best blogging site specially for bloggers. It has over 85 million page views daily and ads revenue of over $200000 per day. Alexa Rank is 19. It provide an awesome platform for the bloggers where these bloggers start their blogs and set their templates and designs according to the needs and requirements.

That’s all!!