8 Things you didn't know about Facebook pagesHey everyone, today i want to tell something unique about Facebook. I know everyone love to hangout with Facebook. people just love chatting even i love Facebook too. Status, photos, tags, comments, events and more over pages etc, i just love all of them. Now a days Facebook pages are latest in fashion. Every body start making pages for there website, blog, brands, for business purpose etc. But there are so many things that people didn't know about these Facebook pages. So with the help of this article i want  share few things that people didn't know about Facebook pages.

Things you didn't know about Facebook pages

1)  Create a new post, click on the Public icon. You can then select Target by: Location/Language. You can set the location and then only those members of country can see your post. you can setup any language.

2)  Reposition photos also an important feature of Facebook page. Click the Pencil edit icon on a post. Select the Reposition Photo option and move the image around within the frame.

3)  You can switch off the button of messaging. No one can send you a message. Go to Edit Page on the Admin Panel at the top of your display, then select Update Info and Manage.

4)  You can also share your brands and pages to your Facebook profile, just you need to click on Share button.

5)  You can also create a question box where number of people tick the answers or alternatively add their answer also. To create a poll, click on the Event, Milestone plus option in the Status box at the top-left of your profile.

6) If you find some noticeable post, you can also highlighted them. Click on the highlight button which is appear like an Star icon on the top-right of the post you want to enlarge.

7)  You can also edit your favourite boxes. Click on the Down arrow that appears to the right of the boxes to see the edit options. The Photos box stays in place, but the others will either display a Pencil icon or a Plus sign.

8) You can also remove the recent posts by others. Just you need to click on Edit Page option on your Admin Panel. Select Update Info, then Manage Permissions.

That's it!!