How to Gain More Popularity for your Blog With The Help of Face bookFacebook!! isn't it the most amazing and exciting word in the field of social media. If anybody hear the Facebook, he/she excited too much and want to check their walls, messages, apps, requests etc. All are sounds too good. For me Facebook is the best time pass site to remove our loneliness. People love to chat with theirs friends, relatives and obvious with unknown friends also.
But the question is do you know you can also gain popularity for your blog with the help of Facebook? Shocked!! but my friend's its true. Its the most popular site ever and also used for promoting your blog. But how? So, here i would like to share some interesting and amazing facts by which you can able to get popularity for your blog.

Gain Popularity for your Blog with the help of Facebook

1)  Create Facebook Page-

Create Facebook Page
You can create your Facebook page where number of people hit on the like button and join your blog. Facebook page is the most easiest and convenient method to gain popularity for your blog. You can easily create it by fillings some information related to your blog. You can also become fan of existing pages (you can also search it on search option).
Facebook pages can only be created by official representatives for a company, brand or celebrity. Your blog could be considered a brand, so create a Facebook page for your blog.Then be sure to update regularly.

2)  Keep publishing (share) posts-

Keep publishing (share) posts
You can also share your blog articles on your Facebook ID. By this number of people like your article and visit on your blog by clicking on the link. People love to share status on their Facebook profile. By using social marketing tools like Facebook and Twitter, you can tell your audience that what’s in store for them in the coming days.

3)  Find Friends-

Find Friends
Facebook is becoming the most popular sites among all other social sites. There are million of users in Facebook. People love to hangout with friends on Facebook. I am sure that those who visit this blog regularly they also having an Facebook ID. If you want to gain popularity, you need to add more and more friends on Facebook. Find some friends and send them a request. More the friends, more the people will visit your blog.

4)  Facebook Ads-

Facebook Adds
Facebook ads are fairly inexpensive, can be targeted, and can raise awareness of your blog, your Facebook page, or anything else you want to advertise.

5)  Join Groups and Create your own Group-

Join Groups and Create your own Group
You can create your group on Facebook. You can also join the existing groups on Facebook. It will help to increase your blog traffic. Groups are that place where large numbers of people gather together and share their knowledge, ideas, videos, songs, links etc. If you can't find just the right Facebook group to support your efforts to drive traffic to your blog, create one!  You can send out group invitations to all of your Facebook friends.

6)  Link your Blog on Timeline-

Link your Blog on TimelineIt is the best way to show others that you are the owner of this blog. You can also attach your blog link to your timeline profile. This way you can immediate catch large number of Fans and Followers. By this people click on that link and automatically visit on your blog.