8 Ways to Make your Articles Get Commented

Ways to Make your Articles Get CommentedIts obvious if an blogger writes an article then he/she also wants the people feedback. Because if they get comments then he/she thinks that his/her hard work become succeed. Comments are the backbone of every website/blog. Comments play an important role behind every articles. Everybody knows that traffic is important for site. And if you want to increase more traffic for your website, you have to make your articles/post “comment friendly”. So now i would like to share few ways to make your articles get commented.

How to Increase Blog Comments

Write an interesting title

Write an interesting title
If you want to increase more traffic and want people to get comments on your article, then you have to give your article a shocking and interesting heading/title. By this it attracts readers. When they see an shocking title they instantly attracts people curiosity and reaction.

Be a faithful and knowledgeable writer

Its important that for every blogger increase their knowledge about their articles. Because its obvious people discuss about your post via comments, so make sure you have full and deeply knowledge about your content which you have just written.

Writes detailed articles

Make sure you have written an long and detailed article. You have to take an pledge that you have to writes an article about 1500+ words. Always writes a short description about your article in the above, it gives an attractive look. Make sure your post include all relevant points and give an 1-2 image related to your content.

Avoid Spam

Avoid Spam
Its important that you have to avoid or we can say eliminate the spam comments from your blog/website. You have to keep away from spam comments because it gives a look of dirtiness to your blog.

Write articles that purposely ask about question

Don't writes that type of article which doesn't include any tip and information. You can write an post simply to ask your readers about how they think regarding certain topics. You can share your ideas and knowledge with your readers through comments. You have to encourage your readers to get commented on your articles.

Ask questions

Ask questions
Ask lots of questions regarding your performance, design/template of your blog, what they want etc. Because it will encourage your readers to comment on your website/blog.

Place commenters Widget on your website/blog

Its a great idea to show off the names of the people with their sites who remains most active in your blog/website comments. You can place a widget on the sidebar of your site. It will encourage other readers to give their comments because by doing this they will receive a dofollow link.

Always reply to each user

Always reply to each user
Its important if an reader ask any question regarding your content, you have to reply them back, otherwise they never visit your site again. Always build up good relationship with your readers and other bloggers/owners. Its your duty to help your readers, by doing this understanding level become increase.
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