20 Effective Ways to Increase Blog TrafficThe most important for website/blog to survive on internet world is “Traffic”. It is most important for every website to increase or we can say that boost the traffic. It is easy to build up an blog but significantly it is more difficult to raise the traffic. Our ultimate goal is to gain readers/visitors, that is why you are writing. Bloggers generally searching for different ways to boost their blog traffic. Without traffic you cant earn money from internet. A lot of hard work and investment require to build a good website/blog. But if you don't have a good number of quality traffic to your website then there is no use of having a good website. So, how to get blog traffic to your blog? How to get loads of traffic? Here are few effective ways which helps you to increase your traffic.

Effective Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

1) Create effective and unique articles. Because readers always wanted an interesting and unique information. Create great articles that will keep visitors returning for more on your blog.

2) Push your articles on Wikipedia or create an wikipage for your blog.

3) Advertising your blog is one of the best ways of raising traffic. Ads on sites relating to your niche can give you much more benefits as compared to other sites.

4) Guest blogging is another way to bring blog traffic, Before you submitting your guest posts in the top blogs which got PR4 or above make a healthy relationship with them by interacting through Twitter, Facebook or commenting on their blogs so often.

5) Write some articles in your blog niche and submit them to an article directory. Provide a backlink back to your blog and if the reader enjoyed your article they will click on to your blog.

6) Build up good relationships with your readers and other bloggers. If you post enough comments on enough unique blogs then you’ll see a significant boost/increase in traffic.

7) Participate in the Communities Where Your Audience Already Gathers. You probably already know a few blogs, forums, websites and social media communities where content are being posted on your topic, you can also take help from Google search.

8) Not write articles like a robot. Google likes to see the latest content. Discussing latest topics gives a good impression of your blog/website being up to date.

9) Post a product to generate attention and post your URL in the description as a source for more information about the product or the subject. Concept of using EBay as a sales platform is quite simple and easy.

10) Add social bookmark submitting icons, such as MySpace and Tweets, to your site. The simpler your viewers can reveal, the more likely they will tell others about your great content, further improving weblog visitors.

11) Tell your friends to share your blog content on different social networking sites.

12) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help your content achieve higher search engine rankings. Learn how to use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to identify popular keywords related to your content.

13) Q&A websites can be a great source of increasing traffic for blogs. Always there to solve your readers problems. Solve problems via commenting.

14) Post your website link as a signature on forums will help you attract visitors to your site. But make sure your comments on a particular forum thread must be informative.

15) Video Blogging can also help you increase your website/blog traffic. Create your own YouTube account/channel and then start uploading videos.

16) Provide mechanisms to allow readers to get updates through e-mail and RSS feed. Your blogging platform should already have this tools.

17) Create unique and innovative template for your blog, by which it will attracts the readers.

18) You can take backlinks to other weblogs a phase further by departing a trackback on the other weblog to let them know you’ve attached to them. Blogs that allow trackbacks will involve a backlink to your site in content area of the publish that you initially attached to.

19) There should be an perfect length of your post, neither short nor too long. Spend extra time on these articles since your goal is attracting other bloggers who will link to your articles and readers who will return to your blog.

20) Your blogging platform should allow you to add metatags to each post. They are keywords that described the information in the post. Tags are used by search engines to help identify relevant content for searches.