7 Factor’s that Affect your Blog’s Earning

7 Factor’s that Affect your Blog’s EarningEvery one wants to earn a handsome money for their life. In the world of internet, every blogger wants to earn money with there blog/website. Every blogger post unique and attractive article on their website to increase traffic. With the help of traffic, the blog will be famous and having a good Alexa Rank. Earning money by blogging is a great way to talk about the things you are passionate about and at the same time generate a steady stream of income. Lot of people have failed in their attempts to earn money online and wasted precious time in building a blog that did not click with its target market. So here are some tips and techniques that will affect your Blog Earning.

Factor’s that Affect your Blog’s Earning


Generally you need traffic to get earnings, but some websites make a significant amount of money with little traffic. This is generally because either they are in a really high CPM niche or they make money through link sales. The more targeted website traffic your blog has, the more valuable it will seem to advertisers.


Try to focus on the look of your website/blog. Some websites require more maintenance work than others. Buyers understand this and will price accordingly. When selling your website, be honest about the amount of maintenance involved. Keep updating your website. Post articles daily. Your blog template should be unique that will attract audience.

Age of Blog

age of blog
If your website is old and having a huge number of audience/traffic then it is good sign that you having a quality website. The older a site and the more stable a site, the more the site is worth. By having an older site that is somewhat stable, the buyer can be assured that the site is less risky.

Personality of Blogger

Always show your decent profile. Never show your Fake personality towards others. If you really want to make money blogging, don’t hesitate to show your true self as you talk about topics ranging from health and fitness to finance.

Services you provided

The services you provided to your readers it must be innovative and unique. Unique content that you will provided to your audience also an effective way that will affect your blog earning. If most people will happy with your writing skills then you are most likely to get work by others.


Most of the time, the buyer wants to be assured he can make a reasonable return on his investment. Before selling, monetize your website well, though do not go overboard with ads and make it visually unappealing.

Quality of your Website

Quality of your Website
Try to improve the quality of your website. Do not copy content from other websites. Quality websites will find buyers that will shell out a good price whereas poor websites will generally only find bottom dweller buyers looking for a quick buck.
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