Why your Blog Failed to Make Money Online?

Sometime we keep on telling peoples that how we succeed without telling them how we failed. The truth is, sometimes you really have to fail before you succeed, but failure isn’t always necessary. Every one wants to earn money without making any efforts. But we have to do our best and give 100% to succeed. There are many reasons that people start blogging, to help others, to share thoughts, to develop our writing skills, to create something successful, and last, but certainly not least, to make money. There are few reasons why your blog failed to make money online.

Why your Blog Failed to Make Money Online?

1) If you start an blog and there is no audience then you will try to look up your blog. Post unique articles to raise your visitors.

2) Try to focus on your goals and achieve your targets.

3) Try to write your articles in a well mannered. If you don't have idea how to write your article then check others blog and take idea from it.

4) Your blog doesn't have good Alexa rank or page rank.

5) Poor communication. You need to be everywhere that your audience is.  Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube and other blogs within your niche are great places for you to interact with your readers.

6) Don’t have money for a domain name or hosting.

7) Lack of communication via comments.

8) Don't have any product or brand to sell.

9) Weak content is the major problems for many bloggers.

10) Ads doesn't match with your relevant post.

11) Obvious laziness also lack money.

12) You don't know how to advertise, promote your blog.

13) Always give first preference to your blog then think about money.

14) Not having an proper template for your blog.

15) Nobody wants to frequent a website that is predominately advertisements.

If you are aware of these pitfalls, then avoid these things and make sure you have to work hard and then you are become an successful blogger and obvious earn money online.


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