Do you know which is the best online logo maker in 2022?
Which is the trustworthy online logo maker site?
What is online logo maker?

These all are the questions which we will discuss in this article. When we design a logo, we always looking for best online logo making site. Logo is a brand which we use for the recognition of our company or business. Our brand should be unique, attractive and worthful to audience. Today we will write top 10 Free online logo maker site where you all can create a logo for free of cost. These are the wonderful online logo sites. Even I used most of it and they are flexible and easy to use. 

LOGASTER - Professional Online Logo Generator

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Design A Professional Logo For Your Brand- Top 10 Great Tools Compared for 2022

1.) Canva

Personally this is my favorite app. You can customize and arrange the design pattern according to your choice. People think that it is a online social media tool but it's not! Canva also provide the drag and drop features. You can choose any type of industry and according to your liking, it will show different types of banners and logo design. The subscription plan start from $12.99 per month.

2.) DesignHill

DesignHill is the similar logo maker tool like others. You can start the app by choosing the five sample designs of your choice. It offers fantastic images, design patterns and great color schemes. Also it offers different plans for their customers like $20 for low-resolution PNG file, $65 for professional and $150 for designer customize logo.

3.) Ucraft

Ucraft is basically a website builder logo maker tool. Basically it will design the logo and design for website and blog. You can create, design and export within less than 10 minutes. Number of pictures and images are available which you can use in your logo making.

4.) Looka

It uses Artificial Intelligence to understand your business before creating logos for you according to their messaging. You can choose any logo design from the list available in this app. You can choose the font styles, color preferences and pattern according to your choice. Even you can customize the logo. If you want a professional logo then I must say Looka is best for you.


Design your logo in minutes. Yes! it's true, you can design and create your logo in few minutes. Even this app is not asking for your personal details. All you need to just signup to this app and it's ready to use. is the best online logo maker site. It offers plenty of images and templates which you can use to create your own logo. Different fonts are also available.

6.) Hatchful

Hatchful is the best online logo maker tool. It's a complete package. Hatchful is a Shopify's free logo maker tool. It is very convenient to use and you can customize the logo according to your requirement. You can choose any type of theme and template. Also you can easily use any type of font and design pattern.

7.) GraphicSprings

It has served thousands of users with its free logo creator, branding tools, and custom logo design services.You can use this app without creating any account their. You have to choose one icon per logo. It supports different types of languages like French, German, Spanish, Hindi, Bengali, Greek, Italian etc.

8.) Namecheap

It consider one of the popular domain registrars that also offers a great online logo maker tool for their customer. It is also one of my favorite logo maker tool. The best features of this logo is it provide unlimited free logo which are fully customize, easy to use, high quality resolution and you can easily export the file from one place to other with just one single click. Also, you can use this app without creating any account.

9.) Logo Makr

It will provide an video explaining its interface post, which you’re dropped straight into the editor. The video tutorial is good enough to understand its features and design patterns. If you are not perfect in designing then this app is sufficient for you.

10.) Tailor Brands

Next, the best online logo maker tool is Tailor Brands. As the name suggests, it offers the best brands for your company and business. We all know that logo is must because it define the company reputation. Only you have to just enter the name you want to print on logo and it will provide plenty of logo designs.

Final Words

At last, I would only say just visit the site once and check yourself which online logo maker is best for your business or company. These all app are trustworthy and tested. Don't forget to share your experience. I personally like Canva because its going really smooth and easy to use. 

No complex codes are involved. 100+ logo pictures are there, you can use any type of image or font according to your choice. Finally, if you are looking for a free online logo head over to one of these logo creators and get started!