Dough & Clay Modelling for Kids

We can mold, cut and create fun sculpture and models with clay & dough. As we all know that little imaginations can run wild using all the fantastic clay and dough tools. Children play different kinds of art work and can make artistry items using clay.You can shop for these items from any store. It comes in different colors. We can consider the clay & dough as a perfect toy for kids of ages. These are non-toxic and reusable. There are different kinds of features are available like it develops fine motor skills, encourages creativity, hand-eye coordination, promotes playtime and supports literacy & numeracy. Play with clay and dough develops the creativity and imaginative possibilities for children. They able to make decisions, and develop independence. It leads to exploration, talk, investigation, manipulation, physical development, and many other skills.

Actually kids feel little bit stressful sometimes, but while playing with these clay they feel relaxing. Because it build the strength in their tiny hands. The act of molding dough, flattening and squeezing the clay develop muscles and flexibility in their body. Exploring clay & dough while making different shapes is one of the best thing. Kids can make different types of home, toys & food items with colorful clay. Along with play dough & clay, you probably picked up different materials and tools, such as rolling pins, designed sheets and cookie cutters. These tools, which come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, develop your child's hand-eye coordination by forcing them to manipulate the materials to fit their ideas. It's a great way to activate the feature of eye-coordination.

Your Childhood Companion- Clay and Dough

Kids will be talking about what they have done, and sharing ideas while playing with colorful clay. Children love engaging on the same theme, such as all birthday cakes, making aliens and different stuff. Actually they enjoyed alot and talk to themselves. Also they enhance their hidden talents. In short they become their own companion. It also encourage one of the best talent that is 'Power of Imagination'. Kids are having super power of imagination. They can imagine anything and also they can use the dough for making different designs. Kids are given full freedom when they play with clay and dough. They can take their own decision. They decide many things like how taller their house, which shape is given to their toys, monsters etc.


Kids can solve their own problem. All sorts of issues may well come up a in good quality dough play. It is really hard to think of another resource that has so much versatility, and it can be used across the whole curriculum. Arts and craft is a medium of all phrase for creative practices that fall into the category of either art or craft. So playing with clay and dough indirectly leads to your kids strength and flexibility. Also it connects to the brain which means kids can communicate fast, reliable and understands the problem easily. It emphasize the speech therapy also. While playing with Clay and dough, your child is independently growing and help them to struggle with sensory processing disorder.