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How To Create A Professional Website/Blog In 15 Minutes

 This article is all about on How you will create website or blog in 15-20 minutes. Being a blogger, I will tell you that blogging is the only work which you can do with full of enthusiasm. And you will earn passive income from that. You can easily create your own blog and website in just few minutes. I started my site in the year 2012. You can also work on this platform. You can create website on any platform i.e, WordPress or Blogger etc. Making money on internet is not an easy job. But when you are involve in this business, you will earn passive income. In this article, we will inform you that how can you create a professional looking website. You don't need to learn any harsh coding language. 

There are so many reasons on why should you engage with website or blog. You can mention on your resume. Even you can earn passive income without making any hard efforts. It gives you freedom to work from anywhere. Where ever you are situated, you can work from any place. Also its a fun activity. You will enjoy working with many freelancers. Being a blogger, I am sure you will enjoy reading this article.

How To Create A Professional Looking Website/Blog In 15 Minutes

There are four parts which are categorize for creating a website. 

  • Domain Name 
  • Hosting a Website 
  • Content Creator/ Management 
  • Template and Design
First of all, you have to just register your website domain. Search it on google and checkout whether its available or not. Personally I love Bluehost. The best thing is their one click installation for WordPress, so you'll be set up and ready to start posting for the world to see in no time! You have to register your website on hosting site. I will give you an reference of Bluehost. Its reliable, flexible and affordable. Offers services on minimum price. Also, it has a facility of refundable money. 

Register a Domain Name

Its very important to choose and register your site first. You have to choose you site name and then figure out its domain. There are so many site are available for domain name. For example, Here you can see that the domain is .com 
There's a wide range of domain name extensions available, including .com, .org, .net, .info, .biz.
So, you have to just lookout for your domain name. If it's available then congrats you will create your account easily. 

Website Hosting

Now the next point is you have to setup your website on hosting service. As I suggests Bluehost. It offers different plans and package for you. There are various packages plans are available on different sites. You can choose according to your requirements. Bluehost offers 30 days money back guarantee. If are not comfortable with its service then no need to worry. It will return your all money. In short you have to register your website or blog platform on any hosting site. 

Choosing a Theme

Theme and templates plays a vital role in the field of blogging. There are various themes and designs are available in blogger or WordPress platform. You can also check the preview or you can customize the theme according to your requirement. Always use decent look theme for your site which attracts your viewers. 

Publishing Content

This one is the necessary point. You have to publish content on your site. It's just like a diary entry. When all are 'ok' and you done with the site creation then the last step is just publishing content over their. People do publishing content on daily basis and they earn decent amount with it. So you have to write articles on daily basis and keep publishing it. Content and your article should be unique, creative and informative. Keep in mind that article should be based on your site niche. While writing an content, you can use hyperlink, attractive images, tags etc. Once your site got famous, then you can do guest blogging and sponsored posts.

Ways to Get Money From Website

Once you website get fem and popularity, then you can do various stuffs and earn passive income without doing any hard efforts. 
  • Freelance Work
  • Sponsored Articles 
  • Product Review Articles
  • Google AdSense 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Guest Blogging 
  • Affiliate Marketing Technique
Yes! You can earn huge amount while doing these kind of stuff. There are various popular bloggers who earn huge amount of income easily via website blogging. Also, numbers of freelance websites are available which offer freelancing work. Visit their and signup, create your profile and work properly with full dedication.

Ways to Get Traffic For Your Website

Traffic is the natural survival for your blog or website. Without traffic your site won't be survive longer. You can grab huge traffic from Social media sites because as we all know that almost everyone using social platforms actively. I love to do surfing on social media profiles. And I am sure you also love social media profiles. These are for fun and entertainment also.
  • Facebook Page
  • Twitter Page
  • Instagram
  • Google Plus
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest Groups
  • Do commenting on popular well-known blogs
  • Through Ads


At last I would only say that you should also give it a try. Blogging is very simple and easy to adopt its features. If you really want to make money without and hard work then blogging is the only option. This article is all about How To Create A Professional Website/Blog In 15 Minutes. Creating a website is easy part. I already writes many articles related to blogging and website. You can do surfing and read them. There are only four simple ways to create a website. 

Once you got famous then you can earn huge income with them. I come across more and more bloggers who have quit their 9am-5pm job and are making a passive income from blogging. So what are you waiting for? Read the full post and learn innovative tips this year. Also don't forget to share this post on your social media profiles. Do commenting and click on like button. We are always waiting for your feedback.

Keep Blogging. :) 


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