Wondering how to make own website for free?
It almost sounds unbelievable to build your own website free of charges. However, with how fast technologies are evolving these day, quite few online website builders offer you service of building your own website for free. Moreover, these user-friendly platforms allow you to build your free website within a couple of hours only. Here are simple steps to make your free website:

1. Pick a website builder

Different free online website builders have different policies and features. It is important that you pick a platforms that is most appropriate according to your website vision, needs and purpose. For example, if you want to build an online store then you need a website builder that supports online stores.

2. Pick your website template

Once you have selected your free online website builder, the next step is to choose your website template. These platforms have pre-designed website templates categorized into different industries. Look at the template options under your industry and pick one that goes best with your vision.

3. Customize your website

This step is one of the most important step in the process of building your very own free website. Once you have picked your website template, now is the time to customize your web design. The more you customize your website the more it reflects you and is unique and engaging for your audience.

You can customize your website by adding interesting, captivating and relevant images that help you make your website even more visually appealing and you can add well-written, relevant smart and engaging content. Good and regularly updated content can be a great method to make your audience keep coming back for more content and to keep them interested.

Publish your website

Finally, time to make your website live. It is better if you can announce the launch of your website or introduce your website on any socializing network or at your offline place of work (if applicable).


By following these 4 simple steps you can build your free website and enjoy running it and creating new opportunities for yourself.

Author Bio:

I am Carla and I am a proud blogger. I believe you don’t have to be a professional writer to write something that people would want to read. My blogs allow me to connect with my reads the way I would want to and writing blogs is more therapeutic and less of a work for me. Some of the things I talk about in my blogs is the how to make your free own website and reviews.