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Top Content Trends of 2016

Top Content Trends of 2016
This is 2016 and now so many things are changed. People do every single step and effort to make their blogging career more successful. It's time to think about the content and marketing strategies of your services. If you are a blogger than make sure what is right and what is wrong for your blog and website.

Content marketing is not all about dominating organic search. It entails getting your message across to the right audience using the right tools and channels that deliver results. According to me, social media marketing is concerned everywhere. Popularity in Social media makes a lot. As we know that Google changed its strategy from information engine to a knowledge engine. Every piece of content that you put out has to connect with other pieces of related content. There is the tremendous opportunity for long-form, in-depth content for the content trends 2016, Have a look!

Trend in Social Media- Powerful Impact!

As we all know that social media always play a vital role in the field of blogging area or in the field of marketing. Social media is always popular in trend. Whenever you start an organization or business, the first thing is the advertisement. You have to advertise your blog and company services so that more and more people will know about it.

If you are plan to start a blog or site, make sure that its content will relate to social media. There are so many social networking sites are available. Instagram is now providing advertising opportunities to a wider circle of brands, and the Snapchat Story is already proving to be a great branding tool. Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter is also one of the most powerful weapons in the era of social media.

Automatic Content Creation from aggregated sites

Digital marketing organization are trying to find more and more techniques to develop the content. They develop some strategies and adopt some software to create content policy. In 2016, new software is available for compiling bits of information from millions of social media users to create the new account.

Trend in Search Engine Optimization

Here, we outline the trends that are most important in assessing the year ahead in search, and the optimization of content for search engines in 2016. As we know that SEO optimization is very important for any blog. There are some tools and tips which are used in SEO optimization like-

-- Voice Victory
-- Mobile Matters
-- Social Search
-- Low Speed kills

Whenever you create a blog or website, make sure its content is fresh and unique. Articles speed are also matters a lot. You have to write 2-3 articles in a day. And keywords, yes keywords should be rich and eye-catching. In 2016, it is going to be essential to ensure that page load speeds are as fast as they can be. Pictures and Images can be made smaller, page elements and scripts reduced or eliminated.

Let me introduce you a Great SEO tool i.e WebTextTool

What is WebTextTool?

Writing web content that helps you to gain valid visits to your website is not easy unless you know about search engine optimization. In the past the only option you would have is to either spend months learning about the process, only to find the rules have yet again changed or hire a professional. The WebTextTool SEO Tools allows you to write your own content and gives you advice while you write as to how you can best optimise it for better positioning in search engines. It’s an easy and effective way to ensure your content is optimized without having to go back and see how it is getting and make alterations.


· Keyword research –save time by finding the right keywords for your documents in just one click.

· Live SEO Optimization – use the WebTextTool editor to write your text and as you write the tool will give you tops to optimize your text saving you time afterwards.

· Import and export –
you can import the content of your site via URL to optimise it and then export it back so that it can be published.

· Collaborate efficient – you can collaborate with other team members so that your documents can be optimized through a team account. This allows you to work together or start off where the last person finished.


You can try out the WebTextTool for free and find out how easy it is to optimize your documents. Included in the starter pack are 10 analysis of keywords, one stored page, one project stored and the basic rules of SEO.

The bronze pack is only €4.95 a month or you can save money on your package by buying an annual pack at €49.00. The pack includes 20 keyword analysis, storage of up to 10 pages, 2 projects, all of the SEO rules, text analysis and the accessibility checker.

The silver pack is €9.95 a month or €99.00 for annual subscription. Included are 200 keyword analyses, storage of 100 pages, 25 projects, everything included in the Bronze pack plus import and export of content and page versioning.

The gold pack is €14.95 per month or €149.00 per annum. This pack includes 500 keyword analysis, storage of 500 pages, 100 projects plus everything else included in the Silver package.

How to use WebTextTool

You use WebTextTool to make light work of optimizing your webpages. All you have to do is write your content in the editor to optimize it as you go. Researching keywords is fast and easy using the WebTextTool as you only have to click one button and don’t need a multitude of difficult operate tools to your desktop to find what you need. If you already have content and just want to optimize it then you can import your text and have it optimized in very little time and back onto your site by exporting it. If you have more than one person working on your site you can use a team account to make sure no one is working on the same thing and work together with others in different rooms, cities, states or even Countries so that you can edit in real time as a team.

The WebTextTool is an innovative way to get your web content optimized without prior experience or hiring a professional. It’s a way that your content can be updated or written and optimized at the same time even with many people working on the same project!

Engage with More and More Bloggers

If you want to increase your market strategy and want more viewers will come to your blog or website then you have to create a good relationship with another blogger. You can comment on other sites and do forum also. Subscribe other blogs for latest information. Do conversation with other clients. You have to maintain a relation between producer and consumer.

A market strategy is also the same. B2B and B2C are the major components. Digital marketers are getting a better understanding of the purpose of content marketing and up to 82% are putting more value on developing content for people instead of search engines.

B2B and B2C Markets

Content marketing is a big thing for B2B market and e-marketer reports that contents creations and use will definitely surge in market 2016. B2B and B2C are different from each other not only in terms of target clientele but also in tools and strategies used to drive results from these markets.

B2B markets mainly focused on content engaging. Many digital marketers rely on freelancers to develop the contents of marketing. Mostly expert freelancer will do it at the best level and also increase the SEO as well as traffic. The total marketing budget depends on overall organization content marketing strategies.



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