Top 10 Freelancing Websites to Make Money From HomeHey everyone, i hope you liked my previous articles. This time i would like to share an interesting article in which we are going to discuss the top websites which include the freelancer. Everybody know who is freelancer but who doesn't have any idea about freelancer, i must tell you that a freelancer is a self employed person who can earn dollars ($$$) with their capability, talent and obvious writing skills. My previous article related to job are 10 popular websites to find jobs in India. Some people do online jobs to get few extra bucks while some people make all of their income online.
Now a days people are becoming money minded, they always want to earn money by hook or by crook. According to freelancing is the easiest method by which you can easily make money, all you need a good writing skills, latest collection of topics, information, full knowledge about the content. If you can do any of the above mentioned work, then you can make money online as a freelancer. Most of the educated person are making money through some Freelancing sites as given below. So today we are going to talk about Top 10 best Freelancing sites of 2012 to make money from.

Freelancing Websites of 2012

freelancing websites
There are number of websites are present in the world of internet. It provide an marvellous platform for the freelancer by which they can earn money easily. All you need to just login to these websites, create your profile. A freelancer can easily make online money, so go through with this article. I hope you will definitely liked it!!

1)  Elance

This is one of my favourite freelancing site. This is an ultimate place to meet professionals with business, technical and marketing expertise to get work done at an affordable price. It is an UK based site which was started in 1998. It was developed with an purpose which provide jobs to the freelancer as well as job seekers. Simply you can register yourself on Elance.
Till today the status of Elance:-
71,453 jobs posted
1,700,868 registers contractors
$587,777,796 Work Done (to-date)

2)  Odesk

It is the fastest growing website all over the world. One of the best site for freelancer. Odesk was found in 2003 by its CEO Gary Swart. This site has great reputation, trustful contractors. It is also offers an best opportunity to the newbie freelancer. You can easily signed up to this site which is free. It provide an awesome platform to the freelancers. Odesk offers two types of jobs:
  1. one is fixed price in which you will be paid only after completing a particular task.
  2. And the other is hourly job means you will be paid on hourly basis.
You can get paid by PayPal, Bank Withdrawal, Cheque etc.

3)  Freelancer

At No.3 position the site is Freelancer, as the name shows it is the most vide range site for freelancers. It is the best website for online jobs. Freelancer was founded in 2009 by Matt Barrie. You can easily signed on this site, all you have to do is to create a profile that displays your skills, work experience, and other important information. Making a good profile can increase the chance of getting more opportunities. If you have all freelancing qualities like good quality writing skills, then you can easily got an job at, payment method is through debit master card, Moneybookers, PayPal, web money and wire transfer.

4)  Guru

It is also one of my favourite website. It is also the most famous or popular website just like Elance or Odesk. was founded in 1998 by Pittsburgh. As the name shows it is actually the master guru of all others freelancing websites. Freelancer can easily make and earn dollars from it. The employers post their projects on the site and in turn interested freelancers can bid on them and projects which are posted on the website is divided into number of categories like engineering, websites, ecommerce, Graphics Design and Multimedia, legal, networking, programming, software, and many others. You can easily signed in and the payment mode is also the easiest one, Guru guarantees that you will get your payment as soon as your project is complete.

5)  Vworker

It is the most helpful website for the freelancers. It provide an platform where freelance workers and employers get connected easily. If someone want to earn money from home then Vworker give him a chance to become a virtual worker and self-employed. Vworker offers their users to bid free of cost at projects. You can also sign up for personalized e-mails. Vworker include some categories like marketing, business services, administrative support, management, marketing, web and software design, multimedia etc. Payment mode is also having the safe option like through Payoneer debit MasterCard, Western Union money transfer and PayPal.

6)  ScriptLance

This is one of the safest and easier to handle, we can say it is a user friendly website. Everyday, hundreds of projects, ranging from article writing, simple designing to website designing, are published on this site. Members are given a specific time period in which they can bid on the projects. If the employer likes your bid, then you will get the job. And once you get the job, all you need to deposit $5.00 to the Scriptlance. Registration is also simple, just create your small portfolio.

7)  iFreelance

This website is the right place for freelancer. People can get easily job from it. Just signed in and create your portfolio giving all relevant information like working skills, qualification, experience etc. iFreelancer offers huge number of projects to bid on. All projects are nicely posted in different categories like graphics art, software, editing etc. Freelancers can opt for any one of the following type of membership:
Basic- Basic membership charges $4.69 per month.
Silver- Silver membership charges $6.95 per month.
Gold- Gold for $9 per month.

8)  Project4hire

This is an best marketplace for the freelancers to earn money. It provide an number of opportunity to the new freelancers. You can easily joined it. Project4hire is a great platform to post projects and find freelance professionals like coders, consultants, graphic designers, software developers.

9)  Problogger jobs 

problogger jobs
Who has or who wishes to explore the income potential of this fun-filled hobby of ‘blogging,’ is your right choice. Collaborate/mix-ups with other bloggers, share experiences and take your blogs to great heights. If you love blogging just like me then problogger jobs is the best marketplace to earn money. Moreover it enhance your blogging capabilities.

10)  Journalism Jobs

Journalism Jobs
Last but not the least, the best marketplace for journalists are journalism jobs. If your industry type is journalism and you wish to associate with a magazine, news group, radio, TV or any other type of media. Likewise now a days journalists and reporters are gaining too much fem and money and if you are also a master of journalism then this website is very much helpful to you. All you need to signed in and create a small description portfolio.

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