SheerSEO Review 2016- SEO Website Analysis
The easiest and best way to achieve and grab good rankings in search engines is to first understand the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and then to begin a activity of improvement of your website and blog. This is a full fledged article which is concerned with SheerSEO. As we all know that SheerSEO is an powerful tool to setup your business online. You can maintain and analyse the full record of your website with the help of SheerSEO tool. It provide an tool where you can monitoring your site as well as give an better exposure to your site. In this review, we will discussed what is SheerSEO, features of SheerSEO, its pricing etc.

What is SheerSEO?

SheerSEO is an amazing website or a powerful software/tool which allows you to enter any number of keywords and track the website rankings on each through Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines and so on. It provide some great features like Mailed Reports, Keyword density, do follow backlink checker, SERP tracker, page rankings, tracking competitors, page referrers etc. We all know that SEO is very much important for any website or blog. SheerSEO provide a great priority to your web content plus it will track and monitor your blog & website performance. You can also checked which keyword and title of your blog will ranked highest on search engine.

Features of SheerSEO Software

Increase Traffic

If you are a blogger then your first priority is Traffic. As we know that without traffic, your site won't be able to survive for long time. For any site, traffic is must. If your traffic is good then only your site will visible on top pages of Google. SheerSEO provide an platform to your website and blog where you can grab and increase huge traffic and readers. It provide vast traffic and audience to your blog. It will marked the keywords which provide huge traffic to your site.

Advanced Features of SheerSEO-

  • Edit the search queries. 
  • It analyse the pagerank.
  • It check the backlinks of your site.
  • Directory Submission
  • It checks keyword density and indexed the pages.
  • Analyze the keyword power.
  • Easily predict the social media news.  
  • Provide an overall summary of your website performance. 

Link Builder

This is an amazing software. You can predict or analyze your page rank. SheerSEO is an wonderful software and give some tactics to build a SEO for your blog. SheerSEO also allows you to get mailed reports of your website or blog in either pdf or CSV formats. It gives huge dofollow backlinks to your site. As we know to gained a pagerank there is also a need of backlinks. So it will provide huge backlinks.


sheerseo software- pricing

Basically, it provide 6 different plans. It provide 2 months trial service. The pricing ranges start from $7 to $40 depending on the plan. You have to give it a try, if it is expired then you have to resume the service. It provide so many different features also. I am sure you will really enjoyed it. It will provide the proper usage of SEO tactics.


In the end I would like to say that SheerSEO is one of the best software tool and you have to give it a try. Basically it is an amazing site which focus on social media as well as SEO programs. SheerSEO is an Online SEO software or tool that automates your SEO efforts, including rank tracking and link building. More than 55000 customers who have experienced this software.
So many different plans, it provide-

  • Light: $7/m, 
  • Standard: $10/m, 
  • Advanced: $15/m, 
  • Professional thin: $25/m, 
  • Professional: $40/m. 
So without wasting much time, visit the and create a account over there. Activate your profile. For proper guidance, just go through with this article and I am sure you will learn a lot.