Kajamba Review: Best AD Network For Publishers
To make money now a days is really a easier than before. You can make money online with the help of internet. Well this article is all about Kajamba, its benefits, features etc. In the world of internet, their are lot of online ad networks which help bloggers and webmasters to earn money from their articles and content.

If you are a publisher, then it is not a easy task to find a profitable platform for your site to make money online. Kajamba is one of the best and popular ad network site. It also provide a good source of traffic. If you want an approval from Kajamba, then you need to have good search engine traffic, ensuring that you get traffic and readers from countries like the United States and the United Kingdom.

What is Kajamba all about?

Kajamba is one of the best ad network site. It provide different platform where an user are able to maintain their blog and site. It is a famous and very popular Ad network, it is self service portal and easily an user can operate it. It comes along with so many social media experts. I am sure Kajamba will provide a best platform to your website. It is easy to use and implement. You have to signup their and fill the necessary details, not much knowledge is required.

Trusted Network

Yes, Kajamba is one of the trusted network. It provide different platforms to the webmaster. If you are a publisher and wants to make money through the advertisements only and if you choose an in efficient ad network then that decision can get in the way of your main source of income. Their is no fraudulent act is involved in Kajamba. It is purely provide an fair service to your webpage or content articles. But the main thing is that it ensure that your blog or website get the highest CPM (cost per thousand impression) for each and every bit of contribution your website/blog makes.


Country:-                                                             Israel
Commission Type:-                                           eCPM ; Rev Share
Minimum Payment:-                                         $5 on Paypal or Payoneer – $300 for Wire transfer.
Payment Frequency:-                                        Net 30
Payment Method:-                                            Paypal, Payoneer or Bank wire.
Contact:-                                                             Telephone: +972-86111092
                                                                             Email: support@kajamba.com

How To Sign Up In Kajamba?

- Firstly, visit the site and then click on sign up button. If you already have an account then click on      sign in button.
- Fill all the necessary details and read the form carefully. You can become the member via filling the  sign-up form.
- Fill your name, telephone number, website address and after that click
- It is a free of cost service. Signing up to Kajamba is absolutely free of cost. The main tag line for  Kajamba is "get more bang for your site!".

Kajamba Review: Best AD Network For Publishers

Provide Success Platform

It is one of the best ad networking site. Easy to use and provide a self service platform. You can direct work with advertisers, ad networks. Kajamba Present an huge traffic/viewers to your site plus provide an platform for highest CPM network. You will get huge impression for your content and articles. Supply an best platform for building an ad network. 

Fully Supportive Team

Their is a technical experts who is handling its tools and policy. If you are choosing this service, then no need to worry about its policy, term and condition. If you find any doubt then you can contact directly to its team. There are professional members who are handling the company and provide the best answers to the users. It is available 24*7 and helps you in any way. The technical and expert advice is always given by the team of Kajamba. If you caught any hindrance while using its services then do not hesitate to contact with the team.


Kajamba give an huge platform to your blog and website. You can edit the widgets and sliders of your site and blog. Plus you can also optimized it on mobile or Desktop. You will get an elegant theme for your blog and attractive light box, footers, pusher, banners, pops up, notification bar, interstitials, video, audio and much more. Kajamba designed to deliver one of the industry's highest revenue per visitor. Isn't it great!


It was founded by industry veterans and give many operation that eats up a lot of the profit they can give to their publishers. Rather it also supply the best and popular platform to your site and blog.

Kajamba is a online ad network site which allows bloggers and webmasters to have all their monetization solution in one place. Kajamba serve the right ad for the right person at a right place. You can easily use its dashboards specification, like create tags, view reports plus easily maintain the account. Also it provide a on-time payment program. Kajamba is the best and popular ad networks in the organization, it unites the advertiser directly with the publisher. The publishers get paid in full for what services they deliver.

That was the honest review of Kajamba. If you have any questions or doubt related to the ad network, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.