Sachs Marketing Group- Business Development & Success!
This article is all about Sachs Marketing Group. They are an Internet marketing company with offices in Westlake Village, CA. They are an exceptional company with the ability to improve organic search results for their clients. They focus on both on-page and off-page SEO development, Social Media development and web design services. All of their digital marketing services are done in-house and never outsourced to other countries. If you are seeking digital marketing services, give Sachs Marketing Group a call. We believe you will be pleased with their performance.

What is Sachs Marketing Group (SMG)?

Sachs Marketing Group is a Search Engine Optimization company with offices in Westlake Village, California. They service a wide variety of clients from small start-ups to large corporate companies with national and even global reach. Sachs Marketing Group has an amazing online reputation and we were hard pressed to find anything negative about them or their services. All of their clients appear to be extremely satisfied with the services and they boast a near 100% client retention level.

Features Of Sachs Marketing Group

Search Engine Optimization

On and off-page SEO development services focused on getting your website found in search engines for relevant search terms. SMG handles all of the blog development, content development and even does manual outreach in an effort to develop collaborative relationships with 3rd party websites in their client’s similar industries.

Social Media Development

SMG works to separate their clients from any other clients in saturated markets. They use social media channels to promote their clients’ brands, grow their clients’ fan-base and to syndicate content to a very targeted audience that’s likely to convert for their clients.

Supportive Team

Sachs Marketing Group has actual people in their office who pick up the phone when you call. Because they don’t outsource, each client has a dedicated account executive assigned to them. That AE becomes the first point of contact for their clients when they call in. SMG is extremely transparent and actually shows their work to their clients on a daily basis.

Website Design & Development

Sachs Marketing Group as a dedicated team of web developers and graphics designers. They produce 25-30 websites each month for their clients. As they are primarily a digital marketing company, they build websites which are already optimized for search engines. They create beautiful, functional and professional websites that are responsive and mobile friendly.

Other Amazing features of Sachs Marketing Group
- They had never charge a credit card dispute or Charge-back.
- A technical support team is available during normal business hours to respond.
- They do not hide anything from their customers and are completely transparent.
- Experts in digital marketing channel optimization.
- They provide innovative ideas and frequently think “outside the box.”
- Full graphics and web design capabilities.


Sachs Marketing Group is a team of professional SEO experts, web strategists, content writers, graphics designers, web developers, programmers & coders. They are more and a standard SEO company. Rather, they help their clients to grow their businesses online. This is a honest review of Sachs Marketing Group.

Sachs Marketing Group is always on the lookout for talented individuals to join their team in the marketing field. See their website for more information about job opportunities available at SMG. If you have any doubt as to the legitimacy of this review, please provide your feedback in the commenting section.