Tips to get Approval for Google AdSenseIn this world everyone is busy to earn money for their luxury lifestyle. When it comes to make money i prefer that blogging is the best place where blogger can make easily money. Now a days 85% of people are having a website. According to me building an website is easy but to maintain it for long time is very difficult. Google AdSense is the most money making word where number of bloggers are waited to get approved by this.
Most of the people making money with the help of Google AdSense. People think that making money with this is easy and convenient. Its obvious if bloggers are wanted an approve for AdSense then it must that their blog have an decent image in internet world. There are so many tips to get approval for Google AdSense. Have a look!!

How to Get Approved for Google AdSense Account


Its obvious, if your blog doesn't have audience then it does not have mean. Traffic is the most important for any blog/website. If you does not have a regular visitors to your site then there is a problem for your site. Your Blog or Website must have at least 60% of visitors by search engines. If you are planning to apply for Google AdSense then make sure you have an quality traffic to your website.
The more you have traffic, then its easy to get approval for Google AdSense.

Content of your Blog

content of your blog
Its most important the way you publish your articles, the way of presentation of your articles. Every blogger try to collect and survey on internet for the collection of useful information. Make sure the content you publish on your blog it having an innovative and meaningful ideas.
You can apply with any website whose having an Google AdSense policies and later on use that publisher ID to publish Adds on other sites.

What if you have been previously Banned by Google AdSense

Every blogger make money with there websites/blog. Money minded people always make money with there sites. And if your site having an approval of Google AdSense then it will well and good for your blog.
But to make money in a fast way, blogger do some illegal task like Fraud Clicks.
Google Adsense BannedThe term Fraud click, is very much popular in blogging world. Everyone knows if somebody click on your Google Adds then Google AdSense will pay you money but to make money fast bloggers push their friends and relative to clicks on these Adds. These are called Fraud Clicks. Never try to force any body to click on your adds. If you are approved by Google AdSense, i advise you to never do this, otherwise you are banned for lifetime.
If you are banned with it then change your full profile except your blog/website. Change your name, phone number, ID, address. You can start a hosted wordpress blog. It will work with a banned AdSense Accounts.

Domain Registration

Domain Registration
Your domain admin name while registering your site should have same name which you are applying for Google AdSense payee name. So don’t be careless while registering domain. As long as you have a good design and original content, you will get approved by Approved By AdSense.
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So if you follow these tips and guidelines before applying for Google AdSense, then you will surely get Approved By Google AdSense. Enjoy this article.
All the Best!