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Use Whatsapp Without a Phone Number [HOW TO]

I think everyone is very much aware with Whatsapp. People using Whatsapp everyday. Whatsapp is the most powerful way to communicate. People using whats app in large number. It provide a platform where you can communicate with your friends, fellow ones, relatives etc. I too addicted to whatsapp. Its advance features is really amazing. People spend most of the time on whatsapp, they do texting, chatting, sending images, voice messages etc. As we all know that WhatsApp Messenger is build for and only making for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia and all others who can accommodate its features.  Well if we talking about this post, here we discuss how can chat on whatsapp without a phone number in 2015. Isn't it amazing! You don't need to give an phone number. In today's time there are many people who don’t have sim card cell phone but the problem is that they want to use whatsapp in their smart phone. With the help of this post, I will show you how to u

Popular Indian Hindi Torrent Sites of 2015

Hey friends, Today with the help of this post, i want to show some websites which surely you will like. These are the Indian torrent websites which are very much popular all over. All I can say that you will love these torrent sites. These are the  Top and Popular Indian Hindi Torrent Sites of 2015. Basically what is torrent websites? Here is the answer, Torrent are the best platform to download free cracked stuffs which always including songs, software’s, videos, games and movies etc. Just go through with this full article and also give your valuable feedback. Look at all these websites and check whether it is useful for you or not? Only you have to register yourself with your email account. Some websites doesn't want any registration. Its free of cost. You can download unlimited songs, movies, games any time. So check out the list of Popular Indian Hindi Torrent Sites of 2015. Have a look!

[Video Blogging] Best 5 Ways to Drive Massive Traffic From YouTube to Blog

If you are blogger or webmaster than you are very much aware of traffic. Traffic is must for blog or website. People start blogging just for the sake of money, but sometimes they cant succeed in their mission because of lack of traffic. Traffic is the main feature of blogging. An website or blog needs traffic, it is main source of any site. Well this article is based on  Best 5 Ways to Drive Massive Traffic From YouTube to Blog.  People always look up for some tips How they can boost up their blog readers, How to increase the Traffic in 2015. There are various options are available on how to increase the traffic . But this post is based on the tips to drive massive traffic from YouTube to blog. People watch videos on YouTube and also commenting, sharing , likes, dislikes and many more. But now YouTube become an source of gaining readers and traffic for the blog. This article is related with video blogging.  Webmasters trying to drive huge traffic through YouTube. These are the

Top 10 FREE WordPress Templates Of 2015

WordPress is one of the best platform for the developers, bloggers, writers and freelancers. WordPress provide an structure to your website. When you are creating your own website or blog, the first thing on your mind is On which platform you choose? Whether it is WordPress or Blogger . If you are a skilled person or webmaster than no doubt you have to choose an WordPress theme. Now the question arise which are the best, unique,free WordPress templates of 2015 . We have already written on WordPress premium templates of 2014. Now in this post you have read some of the best WordPress templates of 2015 . WordPress is the mostly used platform which is used all over the world. There are thousand of free templates are available on web which is used by the various businessman. You can surf on web and choose any of them. But do not waste much time, here i will provide the best WordPress templates of 2015. You can also check their features, advantages, demo etc. Some of them are free and

Find Free Sponsors For Blog Contests & Giveaways [How To]

This article is fully based on how to find free sponsors for blog contests & giveaways . People are always engage with how to increase their blog post readers. They always look for beautiful post to be written on their blog and website. Bloggers make their website and blog just to earn huge money but in reality it is not that easy task. Well if we consider this post, than i will tell you how you can grab huge audience and readers for your website. Some questions were revolving in every bloggers mind:- How to grab/increase audience and readers for their blog? Tips to get free sponsors for your blog in 2014. How to attract blog sponsors easily? Want to make you money from your blog? How to get sponsors for blog giveaways? How To Start a Sponsorship Program for Your Blog? Find a Sponsor for Your Blog.

Google Is No Longer Updating PageRank? [WHY?]

As we all know that Google will not updating its pagerank. And I think we have loose the pagerank this year. Google pagerank provide the statement where or describe the website scale from 1-10. Google pagerank is very important because it provide a base to different websites. Google pagerank is always updated within 6 months but as from now it was not updated regularly. Newbie bloggers is very much upset from that. They doesn't get an attractive look for their website profile. As we know last PageRank is updated in December last year, which in turn was 7 months too late. It is rumor or reality, i don't know but Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts, said on Twitter yesterday that Google won’t be pushing out a new Google Toolbar PageRank update this year. Team was fixing a different backend service and did a PR update along the way.

Top 25 Motivational Quotes For Students

This article is totally based on how to motivate other person with positive spirit. An inspiring quote or slogan may be just what you need to turn your day or life around. Here are some inspirational 25 quotes which are spoken or written by the people. When I was writing this article some thoughts were revolving on my mind like:- What are motivational thoughts? How it can applied to our life? What are the inspirational thoughts and slogans of 2014 for students and teenagers? Thoughts can be negative or positive. So always adopt positive thoughts in your life. Inspirational quotes and motivational quotes have the power to get us through a bad week, and can even give us the courage to pursue our life’s dreams. We hope you enjoy these amazing motivational quotes. Make sure you share them with your friends and family to spread a little inspiration into their lives also. If you have an collection of best inspirational quotes and slogans than you can share with us.

Incredible Affiliate Marketing Ideas to Ramp up Your Business

In today’s web-enabled and internet-driven business markets, Affiliate Marketing (AM) is major driver of resources and wealth generation, both in short and long term prospects. Through careful planning, organizing and deploying strategies it is possible to gain infinite business possibilities through use of Affiliate Marketing activities. However, there is also need to exercise due care, caution and circumspection such that these ideas do not boomerang back on AM promoters or provide negative results. Some of the following ideas, if carefully, judiciously and timely implemented, would indeed go a long way in shoring up profits and reinforcing your bottom lines

Best FREE Alternatives of Crazy Egg- 2014

This post is very much important for any blogger or webmaster. If you are a decent blogger and want that your site will reach on top than you have to knew about these alternatives of crazy egg . As we all know that an blogger must aware with his/her blogging career and they do every possible step to maintain its site. Blogger first choice is "clicks" means they always give the first preference to their visitors clicks on their blog. As a blogger, your duty is to check the statistics of your blog and check how many clicks on ads and how many visitors are come to your site? Which article they open and how many times? and so on! What is crazy egg? Well, with the help of crazy Egg, an blogger can easily discover and analyse what the visitors are doing on their blog and when they are on your website? and how many clicks you will get? Crazy egg will provides the visual analytic and heatmap reports . CrazyEgg is a popular tool that is designed to track and check what visit

2014 Top High PageRank Directory Submission Sites List

This article is basically focus on the best and free directory submission dofollow sites which is used to increse and boost up the blog traffic. As we all know that RSS Feed Directory, Blog Submission Directory and Article Submission Directory are increase your site and blog traffic and page ranking. Plus you will get an quality backlink which play an vital role in the field of getting pagerank. When you are submitting your blog and websites links to these Directories, than it means a lot in terms of High Traffic and SERP’s Ranking. If you want to more traffic and page rank for your website or blog site must be increase dofollow backlink, the more you get backlinks for your site, the more chances of getting high pagerank. The directory Submission is quality dofollow backlink. To submitting articles is the first step of search engine optimizer towards free Directories to improve link popularity of a website. I have enlisted free high page rank directory submission sites list of

Top Millionaire Companies That Comes From Blogging Field In 2014

There are number of peoples are starting their career as a blogger, but only few them are successful. Blogging is the best way to make money from home. All you need good skills of knowledge, understanding of SEO , writing skills etc, and the most important is patience and dedication. If you want to become an successful blogger than you have to create an blog and work on it. later on, it will be blasting all over the world. Some of my favorite blogs are copyblogger, mashable, mybloggertricks, ShoutmeLoud, dailyblogtips and so on. People think that making blog is enough to get money, but my friends, this is not true. You have to do lots of hard work. Well, lets focus on this topic, this article is all about making money from blog , which are the top listed companies that make millions from their blogs in 2014. Before this article written, some of the question were arise in my mind like,

List of High PR Infographics Submission Sites- 2014

Hey Friends! Today we are talking about info graphics. As we all know that sometimes picture says more than words. People who doesn't know the language or words and numbers, they can easily understand the language of picture and posters. An infographics play an vital role in the field of blogging and how to boost traffic for your site. In this post, you will see list of high PR infographics submission sites in 2014. When we talk about this post and the time when i was started to write this article, some questions were arise like- What is Infographics? Which are the high PageRank infographics submission sites? What are the ways to get your infographic go to viral? Which are the best FREE infographic submission sites in 2014?

Friendship Day Quotes, Messages, Texts, SMS- August 3, 2014

As we all know that friendship day is coming as it was celebrated on 3 August every year. This day is specially very much famous in teenagers and youngsters life. This is the most awaited day every year. This day celebrate with lots of love, happiness, gifts etc. In this article you will see the friendship day messages, friendship day quotes, friendship day SMS, texts etc. I hope you all will like this! You can send these messages, SMS and love quotes to your friends, relatives and your special ones. This day is not only celebrated by the love birds but you can also celebrate it with your classmates and friends. Friendship day is celebrated all over the world with lots of joy, gay and happiness. Foreigners celebrate friendship day with full of excitement. They also exchange friendship bands among their friends. People also give friendship cards to their loved ones also you can send handicraft items to your friends. Markets and malls are fully decorated and they also organise

Top 10 Favorite Blogs that Train You to Make Money Blogging- 2014

Today I have planed to write on a money making article . And I decided to research how much my favorite and top blog’s are earning every month and I surprised to see some of them make over $100,000 per month. Isn't it awesome! Well, we all know that blogging is a long term money investment project. Earning Methods Online (EMO) is a money based blog where you can learn how to make money and also it includes the topics of social networking sites plus blogging.  Making money is the tough task as we all know. But still people surfing on web and trying to look out for some best methods, tips and techniques to make money. This article is based on top 10 Favorite Blogs that Train You to Make Money Blogging in 2014 . It include some top blogs and websites whose income are raised day by day. Also these blogs are motivate the newbie blogger in the field of blogging and they can also follow their footsteps to make huge income through blogging. Have a look!

Best 6 URL Shortening Websites To Make Money From

No doubt that making money on blogging is quite difficult. Today's generation are mostly dependent on web, they always find new ways to make money. You can easily make huge income with the help of internet. Now a days it become the largest source of income. Well, lets focus on this article. This article is all about the top best 6 URL shortening websites to make money from. If you have an blog and want money from it, so let me tell you that it takes lots of time and effort. Making money is not easy, so here are some best 6 url shortening websites of 2014 to make money from. First of all the question is arise- What is URL shortening sites? URL shortening is a technique and a method that is used in which a provider makes the webpage available for very short URL in addition to the original long URL. The advantages of URL shortening sites are- Short URL is easy to remember for long time and easily spell. If your blog and website provide some download links than you can u

How To Find Out Who Isn't Following You Back On Twitter?

Twitter is one of best social networking site. It is very much famous social networking media site where you can post your status and get huge traffic for your blog. You can also make huge money from Twitter . You can also earn income from Twitter tweets. Well this article is focus on - How to find those people who unfollow you ? How to find out who doesn't follow you back on Twitter? What are the tools to find who isn't following you back? These are some question which revolve in everyone's mind. Twitter is a social networking site where you can post status, follow peoples and others will follow you back. People will following you back when you are follow them but slightly they unfollow you but you doesn't get to know. So this post is based on how to check and find who isn't following you back on Twitter.

Unusual Ideas To Make Extra Money- Tips & Techniques

How to make money from Home? What are tips and techniques of making money in 2014? How to make extra income/money? There are lots of unlimited ways are available on web via you can make money . These are the sure shorts ways of making money. In this world everyone is busy to find how to make money without doing any extra efforts. People are surfing on net to find some methods to make money easily. Well this article is solved your all problems. If you are read this topic than you will learn some new ideas to make money easily in 2014.

10+ Sites That Pay You To Write Reviews

Well, after a long time, today we are come along with an awesome article that is the top websites which pay you for the writing  reviews . We have written an article like How to make money with writing reviews. In this internet world, there are lots of websites are available where you can make money only by writing reviews. You can also take help of Google. Writing reviews is not an difficult task. Just go through with full description and than write it. According to me it is an convenient method to make money online. When you write an post with full dedication and just waiting for the review, this feeling is awesome. So with the help of these sites you can update your articles and earn a good amount. Below I have mentioned almost 10+ websites that pay you to write reviews. And almost all sites used Paypal for their payment transaction. So go through with this post and i will assure you that you will like this post.

Review Of Bitcoin And How To Deal With It!

Bitcoin is a platform where the users can transfer their currency through computers and smartphones without the involvement of any financial transfer mode. Bitcoin was introduced in 3 January 2009, approximately 5 years ago. The symbols used for bitcoin is BTC, XBT. Bitcoins are generated by a process called mining, in which participants are verify the payments into a public ledger in the mode of exchange for transaction fees and newly minted bitcoins.

Guest Blogging Tips For Newbie Bloggers

Guest blogging is one of the best way to increase your website page views and also lift up your site in the market. If you really want to boost up your site than you have to raise your site or blog standard. To make your site popular than guest blogging is one of the best way. Also plus guest post is the effective way to get an pagerank for your blog. You can easily get an page rank for your website, only you have to do guest blogging on high quality websites. This article is basically focused on what are guest blog tips for newbie blogger in 2014.

Top Reasons You Aren’t Making Money from Blogging

Well we all know that blogging is related to money and success. But this is not fully right! People think that if they create an site or blog than they can earn huge money daily but this is not right, you can earn money through blogging but it needs lots of efforts and hard work. Making money is not an easy task, every blogger try their 100% to leads to success. This post is related to:- Why You Can’t Make Money Blogging? Why Making Money through Blogging is Tough in 2014? What are the main reasons your aren't making money through blogging? Bloggers having lots of burden on their shoulders, they did every possible step to make their site and blog into the competition.

Useful Tips For Making Money With Online Auctions

Making money is not a easy task, everyone has to do lots of efforts to earn money. Sometimes people believe that if they create their website and blog than they will earn a handsome amount. Well this is only half true. You have to give your 100% to make your blog popular and famous. Well this is all about blogging. Now we have to concentrate on this post. This article is all about How to make money with online auctions. According to me online auctions is the best and easiest way to make money. Auction means to sale your items and products on the auctions based websites and earn money. Read the full post and learn some new ideas on tips to making money with online auctions in 2014.

Know The Tips To Take Advantage of Google+ for SEO In 2014

Google plus as we all know that it its the leading social networking site . As many users active their accounts on Google plus. As the name suggests +1, it refers that this site is partially better than others sites. You can easily sign up their if you don't have an Google plus account. Today's post is based on What are the important tips of Google plus for SEO (search engine optimization). Google plus is a site where you can share your thoughts, ideas and your blog articles. Even Facebook and Twitter are essential to marketing efforts, both restrict Google from accessing much of their data. Google plus is consider to be used at the number of times by users for online promotion.