Top Millionaire Companies That Comes From Blogging Field
There are number of peoples are starting their career as a blogger, but only few them are successful. Blogging is the best way to make money from home. All you need good skills of knowledge, understanding of SEO, writing skills etc, and the most important is patience and dedication. If you want to become an successful blogger than you have to create an blog and work on it. later on, it will be blasting all over the world. Some of my favorite blogs are copyblogger, mashable, mybloggertricks, ShoutmeLoud, dailyblogtips and so on. People think that making blog is enough to get money, but my friends, this is not true. You have to do lots of hard work. Well, lets focus on this topic, this article is all about making money from blog, which are the top listed companies that make millions from their blogs in 2014. Before this article written, some of the question were arise in my mind like,

Top Millionaire Companies That Originated From Blogs

Which are the young entrepreneurs of 2014

Which are the Multi Million Dollar Bloggers?

What's Your Best Chance Of Becoming A Millionaire? 

Well, these are the points which are come in my mind before writing this article, but now all are clear, you can also clear your doubts and queries after reading this post. So if you want to know how these people can earn from their blog and which are the top and popular millionaires companies of 2014. Than you have to read this post. 

Popular Millionaire Companies Originated From Blog- 2014

Copyblogger is one of my favorite blog. You can also surf on this blog and find innovative tips and techniques for your blog. This blog is specially designed for building effective content and how to boost up your blog in market. Copy Blogger was developed in January 2006. The founder of this blog is Brian Clark.

Those who like eye catching article and money making articles they can read this blog. I am sure you will like this blog. You can learn how to drive traffic, killer online content, how to build your traffic etc. Basically this is a one man blog but by the time passed, soon it will become an multinational companies and today more than 115,040 unique customers were engage with this MNC's.


The another blog is Gawker which is founder by Nick Denton in 2003 and it is based in New York City. This blog offers news and gossip on “all things Manhattan”. It basically focuses on the social media, and celebrity industry. Their is a full proof team is behind this blog which work properly and gives the latest updates in the field by blogging.


The team and the experts who handle this company is Max Read (editor-in-chief), Tom Scocca (features editor), Jason Parham (senior editor) and so on. This is one of the most financially successful blog in this entire world. 


If we talk about Millionaire companies than how can we forget the Mashable. As we all know mashable is one of the popular entertainment site, personally it is my favorite blog and i usually check this blog daily. This blog was founded by Pete Cashmore in the year of 2005.

Mashable is considered one of the best and popular websites and blogs for social media networking, and also it is one of the largest websites in the whole world. And the shocking news is monthly income of this blog is $560,000.

This blog is basically designed which focus on the social media and entertainment news. If you are a newbie blogger than you can learn new things on this blog.

fail blog

It was the new blog to me also. Rarely I found this blog on web. It is the amazing fun blog. The blog name is fail blog but it is opposite of that, it is one of the famous and popular blog itself. Basically it was a comedy based blog. The founder of this blog is Ben Huh and it was created in the year of 2008. The main features of this blog is comedy mishaps, and acts of stupidity in photo, pictures and video form. Fail blog was only a 5 month blog and it became an popular one.

It is sold to the popular “Cheezburger inc” company. The income of this blog comes from advertising, investments, and also it having an huge traffic regularly. There are more than 2 million visitors every single month, plus they also launched their book in 2009, which is still selling in all over the world.