Several Ways to Encourage Your Visitors to Stay On Your Blog
As we all know that creating an website or blog is easy, but to maintain it for time is quite difficult. Growing traffic is very major problem for many bloggers. If you are a newbie blogger and want to increase your blog popularity than the first step is increase your site or blog traffic. There are number of ways are available on web via you can increase your visitors and audience. Visitors may come and go, its your duty to encourage your visitors to stay on your blog. If you want to grab huge traffic than try to adopt these latest tips and techniques.

Latest Ways to Encourage Your Visitors/Readers to Stay on Your Blog

 Color Scheme

The color scheme which you are used for your blog or website, that must be unique and attractive. Color combination reflects about yourself also. It shows whether you are a skilled blogger or not. Use the latest and stylish colors which attracts your readers to come again and again on your blog.

Logo of your Blog

Logo and tagline of your blog matters a lot. Your site logo must be attractive and unique. Logo describe status of your blog. Every blog has a unique logo design, sometimes blogger buy logos from experts on web. Logo describe a brand of your site. It will engage your visitors.

Themes and Design

Templates and design play an vital role when it comes to blog readers. Your themes and template design must be eye-catching, it should be attractive and the widgets which you use in your blog, it should be lying on center, top or bottom.

Loading Time

Loading Time

The time which your site is taken to open, it must be take only few seconds, otherwise your readers and visitors getting bored and take u-turn. If you really want that your visitors doesn't go anywhere, than make sure your blog doesn't take too much time. And it is reliable and easy to implement. If it takes too much time than it lacks the readers interest.

Break Your Content With Creative Subheadings

Your heading must be killer and unique. Whatever you choose an heading for your post and article it must be grab targeted keywords and killer lines. Also your subheading must be include highly targeted keywords. If your subheading not contain targeted keywords than your visitors doesn't bother to open it.

Website Navigation

You have to simply your website navigation. It is the important step and tip for engaging the visitors and readers to stay on your blog. Most of the bloggers and visitors will take step back and move from the blog if they find hard to navigate through it. Adopt an easy theme for your blog via your visitors navigate it.

Use of Images

As we all know that images and pictures play an major role in your article or post. So always try to paste 2-3 images in your post. It gives an refreshing look and also your post looks different. Sometimes pictures speaks more than words. Give ALT tags to your images, it will boost your traffic.

All Done!!