Reasons Why Most Bloggers Quit Blogging Within 6 MonthsBlogging is the most famous job ever in this world. Every blogger tries to make effective look to their blog. Even i love blogging and my website too. With the help of blog every bloggers earn money. Its a demanding job. People wanted to make money from this.
Every year millions of bloggers start their blog with the hope of having lots of money but almost 85% of blogger quit blogging with 2-3 months of their start and remaining will quit blogging within six months, i know its sad, but at the same time its True. So here, i am going to tell you about the facts behind it. Why these bloggers does this? Hope you can learn some lessons from it.

Why Bloggers Quit Blogging Within 6 Months

1) Blogging for Money Purpose

Blogging for Money Purpose
85% of bloggers build their blogs for quick money. Now a days everyone becoming a money minded person. Every one wants to make money without any efforts and work. People build blog for money purpose but they not able to maintain it for long time. They think that ones the blog is made they can earn dollars(money). But they doesn't know that it will take few months. I would like to tell that do not panic, it will take at least 6 months.

2) Not Passionate about Writing

If you made an blog then you have to give some interesting articles in your blog, otherwise your blog doesn't famous. If you are not passionate about your writing skills then you loose your audience from your blog. Make sure you having a good writing skills. Collect info from Google and writes it in your own language. Always remember, don’t get bogged down when Blogging.

3) Lack of Motivation and Patience

Its a reality that most of the newbie having a lack motivation and Patience. Newbie made a blog but they doesn't have patience they think that by building a blog, they can earn money, but they doesn't know that it will take some time. Its true that most newbie will face a lot of competition and see a lots of ups and down as well. If you don’t have confidence that you can compete with rest of the bloggers in your niche then blogging is not for you.

4) Not having good topics

Not having good topics
Most of the newbie become frustrated while writes an article, they didn't know what have to writes and what not. They doesn't have enough topic by which they attracts audience. Traffic are most important for every blog. And if you are not able to attracts visitors, your site will get dump.

5) Choosing a wrong niche

Niche plays an very important role when you think to build an blog. Newbie think that he/she know everything while making an blog. But after 2-3 months they know that little knowledge is becoming dangerous for their blog. The reason behind it is less research while choosing an niche.

I think at least now, every newbie understand what i am trying to say. Try to grab all the points while build up an blog. Always remember that, Blogging is not for those who think that they are perfect, it is for those who are ready to do lots of continuous effort in making their blog perfect.
Happy Blogging!!