Top 10 High Paying Google Adsense Alternatives
Money! isn't that word which make our dream happen in reality. Everyone wants to earn money in a very short period of time. Every blogger wants success and money. Blogger start blog only to earn money. And when they create a blog and gain targeted traffic daily than there next step is to apply for Google AdSense. Internet is full of treasure, you can find anything whatever you want. Main reason for earning huge money is only the Google AdSense. Number of ads are displayed on your blog and after click on these ads you get paid some amount.
In today's article i would like to share an interesting post which consider on Top 10 highly paying Google AdSense Alternatives. Most of these alternatives and programs are used by me and some inputs are from other pro bloggers.

Best Adsense Alternatives that pays high like Google Adsense

1)  Chitika 

It was founded in 2003.
Its a PPC (Pay Per Click) network.
There are more than 250,000 users which is already using it for monetizing their blogs.
The cash transaction is through Paypal.


Its not an PPC network.
BuySellAds is a direct banner ads network which works better than Google Adsense. 

It works on some condition like:-
The blog is in English language.
It must have at least 60K monthly page views.
Blog must be finished and not under construction.
The blog which is based on Pornography, illegal, hacking, casino sites are not accepted by BuySellAds.
It is a banner-ads network.
It doesn't require any huge traffic.
Try for Google AdSense.

4)  Smowtion 

It pay a huge amount but you can find a problem after using it’s ads.
The page loading time will increase after using it’s ads.

5)  Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser gives two types of Ads Options :-
PPC ( Pay Per Click )
Pop Up Ads.
It gives 0.03-0.06 $ for Indian Clicks.
The minimum payout of Bidvertiser is 100$ by Check or 20$ by Paypal .

6)  Infolinks

It is text-based advertising network.
The cash transaction through Western Union and Paypal.
It generally shares 70% of revenue with Publishers.

7)  Yahoo & Bing Ads

It supports the Ads network of Yahoo and bing.
The minimum pay out is $100.
If you have low traffic for your site/blog then you can apply for publisher account.


Its a PPC network.
Your blog must have 500,000K monthly page views.
It mostly support top level domain like .com net .blogspot or .wordpress etc
Illegal content not publish on blog.

9)  Clicksor

It offers Pop Up Ads.
It usually shares 65% revenue with their publishers.
The minimum Payout is 50$.
The cash transaction through check or paypal.


It is a text-based PPC.
Huge traffic doesn't matter on it.
It is free of cost.