20 Best Domain Name Suggestion Tools In 2014

Best Domain Name Suggestion Tools
Selecting a domain name for your blog or site is much difficult. You have to choose an unique and attractive domain name for your website. So today i have come with an interesting one article that is list of best domain name tools. There are plenty of tools are available on internet but here i am selecting the best one. If you are thinking of creating an website than the first step is to choose an good/best domain name. If you want that your website become popular than your domain name must be unique, attractive, creative etc.

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Best Tools To Choose Good Domain Name

1)  Bust A Name
When you will enter the relevant keywords, Bust a name tool will try every combination and tell you which domain names are available and present.
2)  Dot-o-mator
3)  Ajax Whois
This tool will allows you to type a domain name and see its availability instantly.
4)  Who Is
5)  Domainr
Domainr is the best tool to choose your domain. This tool helps to finds domain names and short URLs. You can easily check the availability and register your site for all top-level domains.
6)  Domize
It offers a speed and security features. When you type the results, than it can immediately providing the instant results.
7)  NameStation
This tool includes a domain name search tools, domain name generator, social naming contests and niche keyword research.
8)  Name Cheap
9) NameThingy
This tool helps you create and generate random blog, website.
10)  Nxdom
11)  AptDomain
12)  Nametumbler
It gives you a combining keyword you want with a word from the NameTumbler database. You can also choose your keyword placement. Also you can add hyphens to separate suggested terms.
13)  DotoMator
It is used to create domain name suggestions by selecting a list of words (e.g., colors and shapes) for the beginning and end of the domain.
14)  Dyyo
15)  EuroDNS
16)  123finder
17)  NameMesh
NameMesh is the best domain name suggestion tool. It uses the synonyms, antonyms, related words and intelligence. It also has options for SEO, branding, phonetic and much more.
18)  PC Names
19)  Savespell
20)  Nameboy
It is a unique domain name generator and database that allows you to perform a keyword search with either one or two words, it also include hyphens and rhyming words.

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