Top 10 Tips on Choosing the Domain Name for your BlogHey friends, i hope you all enjoyed my previous articles. But do you know what's my new articles. Yes! u guessed it right. I would like to share few tips on choosing a Domain Name for your Blog. I mean its obvious that every website is firstly depend on Domain Name. A good and simple domain name is always plays an vital role in your website. There are so many bloggers who have taken a domain name without thinking about their future career of blog/website. Choosing a domain name can be as important to your company as choosing the company name. Your domain name is the center of your Internet identity. So here are some amazing tips to choose a Domain Name for your blog.

Tips for Choosing a Good Domain Name

1) First and most important, always go for .COM extension. Because you see .com is the most valuable domain name. And people always first go for .com domain name.

2) Your domain name must be simple, easy to read, easily spell etc.

3) Avoid the use of Hyphens and special symbols because it gives problem to remember such symbols. I agree that it would have made it easier to read (, but the problem is that it is more difficult to *say*.

4) Make sure it would be easy to wright. Don’t make your customer frustrated before they’ve even gotten to the website.

5) Always choose that type of Domain Name which is matches with your Blog/Website niche.

6) Before buying any domain name, please visit here to check if the domain name is previously banned by Google AdSense or not.

7) When you first begin your domain name search, it helps to have 5 terms or phrases in mind that best describe the domain you're seeking.

8) Your Domain Name must be unique.

9) Make sure that there will be no trademark or any legal problems with the domain name you have chosen.

10) Always go for suggestion tools. I prefer that if you are buying an domain name then go for Bigrock and GoDaddy etc.

Good luck!!