10+ Ways to Increase Your Blog Crawl Rate
If you have an targeted traffic to your blog and site than no body can beat you in the field of blogging. Bloggers generally try to increase their blog visitors and crawl rate. Maintaining high Crawling rate for a website is so good as per SEO. Generally seen that bloggers update regularly on their blog but doesn't get an sufficient result. Google does not notice their sites and doesn't indexed in search engines. If you want that your blog to be indexed quickly, you need to increase its relevancy, popularity and value. If it is not indexed properly then it might be have an low crawl rate. So here are some special tips and techniques to increase or boost your blog crawl rate. Just go through with it!

Top 15 Ways To Boost Your Blog Crawl Rate-

1)  Write unique content daily. Try to write 3-4 articles daily. because it will increase your blogs traffic and off-course your blog crawl rate.

2)  Do not copy from other sites. You can take help and suggestion how to write from different sites, but do not copy otherwise Google will punish you.

3)  Optimize the images and pictures on your blog. Always give tags to your image because it will boost your readers on your blog.

4)  Internal- linking also very important. So give link on targeted words so that your readers can click on that word and gone to another post of your site/blog.

5)  Make sure that your URL's is simple yet attractive. Don't make your URL so long because it is difficult to remember.

6)  Grab more backlinks as you can. But only increase backlinks of your blog from targeted and highly famous/popular site.

7)  Put a template which consume less load time.

8)  You can also create and Submitting Sitemaps to Google Webmasters.

9)  Make sure you have unique + attractive title and meta tags for each of your pages.

10)  Don't try to use illegal methods to boost your traffic. At first you get lots of visitors but in the end Google will find you and ban your blog. So do not try these illegal methods.

11)  Earn more backlinks from regularly crawled websites.

12)  Submit your posts and articles on various social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.

13)  Maintain your heading tags, always use high keywords for your title.

14)   Google will love authority blogs and websites, so try to make yours site as relevant as possible.

15)  Add a sitemap on your blog or website.

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