How to Increase Twitter Follower Hey everyone! i hope you all enjoyed my previous articles, guys do commenting and sharing articles if you really think it is helpful for others also. So now with the help of this article i would like to share an amazing information that How to get more followers? How to maximize our twitter followers? According to me getting Twitter to work for you is just like getting anything else in business to work. Now a days,   twitter followers have been a controversial point of discussion. Social media is a great way to extend the reach of your brand, find new customers, and increase revenue for your business. As we all know that Twitter is one of the most popular social networking site and micro-blogging website also. Everyone needs followers nowadays! So if you really want to increase your twitter followers then you must follow these simple tips and techniques.

Ways to increase Twitter Followers-

1)  Polish you twitter profile-

twitter profile As we know that first impression is the last impression. Visitors/followers make a very quick judgment when they see your profile picture for the first time. Your image must be inviting, interesting, Use a professional looking picture where your followers can clearly see you & judge you. Choose always a good picture, write a very short description or we can say suitable bio message which will brief about you, also you can choose a good colorful background and get verified. So do it now!

2)  Follow Others-

Its quite simple, only you have to follow that person whom you think is interesting and provide relevant information for you. Their is a follower option on the left hand side at your twitter id. Only you have to click on follow button and then automatically you became the follower of that particular person. According to me follow the top twitter users and look at what they are tweeting about. If you follow someone, there’s a very good chance they’ll follow you back. Find out some profile who has huge followers. Follow them and comment on their tweets.

3)  Re-tweet all the time-

retweet others Yes! its an important point, if you really want to increase your twitter followers than you must have follow this point. According to me if your twitter id has fresh and new tweets is current and interesting you have a high chance of being followed. Always remember tweeting your own content brings originality to your character. You will also re-tweet good messages which you really think that helpful to others. And you’ll get more followers, as well as the goodwill of fellow tweeters.
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4)  Interact with people-

Its obvious! if you are not able to interact and co-up with other persons then you will loose your followers. You have to be very active and always interact with your followers. Also you can message them and start a friendly conversation. If someone asks for help, then assist them and helped them from their problems. Try to reply to everyone who contacts you. Target well respected people in your niche and also try to grab their attention.

5)   Contests and Promotions-

contests and promotion You can organize a contest for your followers and learners. Organize some better tasks and let your followers enjoyed it. Don't be mood spoilers to others. Always appreciate your readers and followers. Organizing a contest is a trick way of grabbing hold of some followers.
Note:- Don’t forget to display this prominently on your website/blog to make it simple for visitors to follow you on your Twitter profile.

6)  Quality Content-

This is an most important point if you really want to gain more followers. Always remember that the article/content you write is high-quality. On the other surface, check for spelling and grammatical mistakes. Provide an interesting point-of-view, something that’s unique and interesting, or content that you feel with truly benefit your readers/followers. Always remember that your followers judge you by the way of your writing skill. Your way of presentation must be interesting and moreover your thought must be clear.

7)  Answer and question-

Yes you guessed it right. You can also answer and question on your specialist subject. Offer some giveaways and organized some contests by which your followers shows some interest on your profile. You have encourage your followers, users to ask you questions. Make sure that your follow option is simple and easily an unknown person can join you. And also find all the questions which reinforces your brand. So always interact with your users, it help you to gain more and more followers.

8)  Join Groups & participate in TweetChats and TweetUps-

If you really want to boost your followers and you must follow this trick. Groups is a place where large number of people gather together and share their ideas, and if you are able to share your view on these groups then during a short period of time large number of people will follow you and listen your ideas, isn't it great! Time saving also loll!
TweetChats- A TweetChat is a live discussion around a particular topic.
TweetUps-  Here you can put real faces to accounts you have been following and exchanging ideas with them.

9)  Follow the Followers of big Followers-

Follow the followers who having more than 1000 people than are following them. Also you can comment on their tweets and if you find it interesting than you can also re-tweet it.  Always remember, if you  give something to others, then you can expect to get back something. Follow the top twitter users and look at what they are tweeting about. Moreover you can also unfollow those who don't follow you. If you follow that persons who have more followers than automatically your profile will spread very fast.

10)  Search option-

search option Last but not the least, you can also take the advantage of search button. Do search of some people who have same interest like you. Search them and be a friend of them.
There are two important tools like
TwitterCounterTo see how many new users you are adding per day.
Qwitter- It will help you to know when someone un-follows you, and you can also do same thing to that particular person.
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