Top 10 Earning Websites- 2012There are so many websites in the year of 2014 whose total earning per second has increasing day by day. Earning websites usually paid highest amount. This list contain only those websites whose earning is depend on per second. They usually get amount(annual revenue) at least per second. Previously i have published an article which is mainly focus on 10 Websites you wish to join for making money online. Below there is a table which shows the relationship of different- different websites on the basis of Rank, Founders, Revenue. I hope with the help of this table i am able to clarify your all doubts regarding any website.

Lets have a quick look!!

Rank Website Founder Annual Revenue Per Second
1 Google Larry page & sergey Brin $22,000,000,000 $691.29
2 Amazon Jeff Bezos $19,200,000,000 $607.05
3 Yahoo Jerry Yang & David Filo  $7,200,000,000 $228.31
4 EBay Pierre Omidyar  $6,300,000,000 $199.45
5 MSN/Live Nathan Myhvoid $3,200,000,000 $102.00
6 PayPal Luke Nosek, Max Levchin & Peter Thiel $2,250,000,000 $71.40
7 iTunes Jeff Robin $1,900,000,000 $60.00
8 Reuters Marshal Vace $1,900,000,000 $60.00
9 Priceline Jesse Fink $1,850,000,000 $59.6
10 Expedia Added Mark Schroeder $1,450,000,000 $46.00

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